Liking song displays next played song as liked (UI break)

Liking song displays next played song as liked (UI break)







iPhone 11

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I was going through my discover weekly and was liking songs from it and when I would like a song while it was playing and let it play through the next song would still have the heart filled in to show it as liked. It was not actually liked though and hitting the heart would like it but display a blank heart, meaning that the UI was reversed. Image added shows state after clicking the filled in heart and it going to blank and the toast displaying as "added to liked songs".

spotify bug.png
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Hi @dan_hill13,


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We're aware of this behavior on the iOS app, This is the thread that's handling this specific issue, so please head there and add the following info to the post:

  • Your device info: Make, model and operating system

  • Spotify's app version

  • The same screenshot you sent 

In that post we'll share all updates related to this issue, so please keep an eye on it.



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