Local Files NEVER Sync, No Connection


Local Files NEVER Sync, No Connection


So I have considered cancelling my Spotify because NONE of my local files will transfer to Spotify mobile.  I have the premium service, though the new mixtape I downloaded will not sync to the mobile playlist.  It shows up grey, and it says "Track Not Synced" and "If you own the track, you can sync it from your computer". It  then tells me to plug my iphone into my computer to sync it, though it never actually shows that my device is connected.  Any song that I download from Spotify will crossover but NEVER a single song that I have gotten from mixtapes, which are free for download and on my computer.  Can anyone help me? This is so frusturating having to deal with.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Local Files NEVER Sync, No Connection

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You need to connect your phone and your computer to the same WiFi network to sync local files to your devices. 

Try following the instructions outlined here and make sure you disable any firewalls you are using.



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