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Local Files not syncing with iPhone

Local Files not syncing with iPhone

Hello, I am currently running Spotify on my iPhone XR, which is on the iOS version 12.3.1

I have a family subscription premium account, and have uploaded some local files to Spotify on my Mac, and they will not sync onto my phone.

The files play perfectly on my Mac, and when I open Spotify on my phone, it even says I am listening to that particular song, but the songs are not actually syncing into my Spotify playlists, so I cannot play them from my phone itself.


I have gone through the steps that Spotify provide in the app, connecting my phone to the same WiFi as the computer, and allowing the playlist to download on both devices, however, the songs are still not appearing on my phone.


How can I fix this?




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I have got the same problem, but I'm trying to sync my songs between a Windows 10 PC and an android phone. In the past it worked perfecly fine, but after some kind of an update it didn't work anymore...

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