Local Files will not download onto iPhone


Local Files will not download onto iPhone


I have 52 local files I want to be available offline on my iPhone. It used to work but now it won't I cant get any of them to download to my iphone. This is what I have done:


I made a playlist on my computer called "local" and added all 52 songs from the default local songs playlist to my new playlist. I clicked "Download" and it downloaded them onto my computer's Spotify app. Then I opened up the app on my iphone. The playlist appears, and it says there is 52 songs in it, and I have it set to "Download" as well, but it isnt downloading. It just tells me "Want to add songs to this playlist?" as if it is empty. On the Playlists page in the phone app the playlist says it has 52 songs in it.


1. Yes, my phone and computer are on the same wifi network. Yes I have tried several different networks.

2. No, it is not the windows firewall problem. I tried that several times in every posible way.

3. Yes I have tried reseting and uninstalling and restarting and etc. everything multiple times, both on my phone and computer

4. Yes, the local files all work offline on my computer when my computer is offline, so that is not the problem.

5. No I havent used up all the space for offline songs. Its 52 songs not 3333.

6. Yes everything is updated


This is honestly ridiculous. After looking online, it is clear this whole "availble offline" "download local files to your phone" feature has been causing problems for years, so you would think Spotify would have gotten it togther by now and fixed it, but they havent. I have been a customer for years now and I am about to switch over to Apple music. Please let me know if you have a solution to my problem that I havent already tried.