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Local files

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So this is the second post I have psoted on this problem as since the last time i posted i have found out some new information. So i want my local files to be availible offline on my ipad so i saved them as my local files on my spotify on my macbook, it says they are there, they play fine. When i go to look at my local files on my spotify on my ipad it says it is empty, please help.

Both devices are connected to the same wifi and both are registered as devices on my spotify account

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Are you just looking at the "Local Files" playlist on your iPad? If so, that playlist only shows tracks that have already been downloaded to your device. It is not supposed to match with the "Local Files" list on your MacBook Pro. What you need to do is sync and download a playlist to your device first:

- On your MacBook, create a new playlist.
- Drag some tracks from the Local Files list on your MacBook to that new playlist you just created.
-On your iPad, you should see the playlist with the tracks greyed out.
-On your iPad, switch the "Download" toggle on that playlist to ON
-The tracks should download and become playable on your iPad. Any local tracks you do this with will also show under Local Files on your iPad.

Hope that makes sense! It's a little confusing to wrap your mind around first but once you get what's going on its a pretty easy setup.