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Local songs disappeared after updating to 0.7.1, now I can't sync.

Local songs disappeared after updating to 0.7.1, now I can't sync.

I can't sync my local songs to my iPhone. After updating to version 0.7.1, all my local songs disappeared from my phone. When I'm trying to sync my playlists I choose "Manually choose playlists to sync", but Spotify jumps back to the "Sync all music files to this device" option once I've selected a playlist. In addition, none of my songs are synced when that option is selected. A solution for me is not to sync all my local songs.

This problem appeared after updating to mobile Spotify version 0.7.1. I was able to play one local song on my phone after updating, but once finished, all songs disappeared.

I've performed step B "[iOS] Troubleshooting Spotify", that is removing Safari history and cookies. It didn't help to select playlists on my phone instead of the computer. Also, I've tried to remove all my local songs from my desktop application and adding them again with no luck.

A more detailed description, using numbered steps
1. Removed the application from the phone.
2. Restarted the phone
3. Downloaded the application to the phone.
4. Logged in.
5. Connecting the phone and computer to the same network.
6. Choosing to sync the phone with my computer.
7. Selecting the "Manually choose playlists to sync" option".
8. Selecting one playlist.
9. The option "Sync all music files to this device" is selected".

What I expected to happen
The option "Manually choose playlists to sync" stays selected and I can choose the playlists that I want to sync.

What actually happened
The option "Sync all music files to this device" is selected" and the application doesn't start to sync.

My iPad/iPhone model
iPhone 4.

Device’s Operating System

Is your device jailbroken?

Approximately how many playlists do you have?
Over 100. I want to sync about 20 of them to my phone.

My mobile Spotify version

My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)

My provider and country
Telia Sweden.

My username

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Have you tried doing the Spotify sync via USB?

Isn't that only possible with an iPod?

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