Lyrics not showing

Lyrics not showing







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 15.0.2



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Apparently everyone in the world got the lyrics with the update. Expect me. How do I fix this ? Or rather how will YOU fix this ?! Emptied the cache about 25 times and deleted/redownloaded the app and rebooted my phone that many times. Pretty sure the problem here is Spotify. Not even on my PC does your "update" shows up, and yet my roommate has the lyrics feature working just fine. What is this ? Seems like there's always problems with Spotify.


Edit : I meant except me. But also expect me. I'm not happy about this.

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Hello everyone.


We've again tried to merge all related topics into this one, so that we can keep the information centralized as we have some updates and hope to reach as many of you as possible.


We know it took some time, but the rollout of the lyrics feature should now be fully completed.


However, we are aware that there are some issues with individual accounts that still don't see lyrics, especially on mobile devices. The right folks have been working on a solution, but it will require some account modifications.


If you are still not seeing lyrics on your device (on no tracks at all and have never done so in the past), please reach out to our support team. Have your login email and device info at the ready and the team should be able to get this resolved in a couple of working days after they record your case.


We hope this will help everyone enjoy lyrics to the fullest. Cheers!

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It's the same for me.
It works on my computer but not on my phone. 

Good point


spotify in the last year is **bleep**. sincerly

full of bugs and inconsistencies.

Also community support has changed, they don't assist and fix bugs as fast as they used to. I’m really disappointed


I'm using premium student. I logged in on my phone with another account and it works on that account but not on mine. 


Hi, My lyrics don't work either. I've tried everything, but nothing works. I don't know what else to do anymore. I would appreciate it if someone could help me, please. I have the 8.6.82 Spotify version and my mobile is an iPhone 7 version 14.8.1 . I'm waiting for an answer!




Yeah I have the same problem. How can we fix this?







Samsung Galaxy M31s

Operating System

Android 11


My Question or Issue

Hi, I am a spotify premium user for more than 6 years. I cannot reach lyrics feature on my account. I opened another account to see if I can see lyrics, and yes, I was able to see lyrics on my new account. So, problem is in my account, not in my device or smt. How can I fix this?




I have the same problem, I can't access lyrics on my phone on my premium family account, 

After numerous requests to Spotify support with exact same problem, they started to ignore me. I think I will go back to AM soon


It seems the 2 answers they have settled on is "we are just testing this feature" and/or "we are rolling lyrics out gradually and can't tell you when you will see them on all your devices". 


As software developer I was intrigued by this issue and did some research. Seems that this issue happens with people who were initially registered in different country and changed their region later. Also this issue might happen with accounts who were registered before the future  was introduced (can't be sure about that, as I don't have enough data). So it is apparently should be easy to fix for Spotify (just some kind of account flag), but for unknown reason zero ***ks given.

Indeed. You never get a reason/explanation or an indicative timing. 😞


TLDR: managed to get it work by changing language forth and back.
Full story:
Did some further experiments, not sure what exactly lead to a result, but:

  • Logged in to a web player (, found a track which used as lyrics example in Spotify help - "traitor" by Olivia Rodrigo. Saw no lyrics here, or at least didn't notice it. Checked networking section to see Spotify API responses - saw that my user profile has fields something like "selected_language" and "default_language" which were both empty string. Decided that playing with language setting might help.
  • IMPORTANT: As language can't be changed in the web player I did in the desktop app (in my case MacOs app)
    I've changed language from English to French and then back to English.
  • Reloaded web player window and finally noticed lyrics icon - clicked it and it worked!
  • Opened mobile App - lyrics was there. Without any logouts, cache resets, etc.. Wow!

    Please let me know in comments if changing language really works for you or it was just a coincidence.


Hi, thanks for letting us know ^^
I tried your fix, and it worked for the web player, but the lyrics are still not available for my mobile app unfortunately 😞 are you sure you didn't do anything else?
Because after I changed the language the lyrics did appear for the web player. (It wasn't previously available in the web player for me but it was available in the desktop app)


Didn't work for me, but I appreciate the effort. Lyrics are there on the web player and the macOS app but not on the iOS app. Cheers!


@all43 Thanks for sharing what worked for you. Unfortunately, it did nothing for me. It's weird you didn't have lyrics on the web player, I have the microphone icon on both my Windows app and the web player, and I can see the lyrics if I click it, but on my iPhone I just have nothing if I use my main account (I can see lyrics if I switch to another account though).


I also use iOS app and lyrics definitely wasn't there before my experiment.
What else you could try after changing language:

  • Close and open app again
  • Start lyrics on desktop/web while mobile app is open - they are synced, so I don't rule the possibility it might work


Sadly that doesn't do anything for me 😞


I tried this as well — all three apps (Browser, macOS, iOS) open simultaneously, iOS app is the only one which doesn't show lyrics. The other apps are perfectly in sync while playing from any of them.


^ Yeah completely same for me

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