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Lyrics not showing

Lyrics not showing






iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 15.0.2



My Question or Issue

Apparently everyone in the world got the lyrics with the update. Expect me. How do I fix this ? Or rather how will YOU fix this ?! Emptied the cache about 25 times and deleted/redownloaded the app and rebooted my phone that many times. Pretty sure the problem here is Spotify. Not even on my PC does your "update" shows up, and yet my roommate has the lyrics feature working just fine. What is this ? Seems like there's always problems with Spotify.


Edit : I meant except me. But also expect me. I'm not happy about this.

Top Answer

Hello everyone.


We've again tried to merge all related topics into this one, so that we can keep the information centralized as we have some updates and hope to reach as many of you as possible.


We know it took some time, but the rollout of the lyrics feature should now be fully completed.


However, we are aware that there are some issues with individual accounts that still don't see lyrics, especially on mobile devices. The right folks have been working on a solution, but it will require some account modifications.


If you are still not seeing lyrics on your device (on no tracks at all and have never done so in the past), please reach out to our support team. Have your login email and device info at the ready and the team should be able to get this resolved in a couple of working days after they record your case.


We hope this will help everyone enjoy lyrics to the fullest. Cheers!

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Didn't work for me 😞
But the feature is already running on the desktop version

Hey again @hugoyuji,


Thank you for your answer and confirmation 🙂


In this case we suggest that you perform a clean reinstall of the app to see if the issue persists.


If it still doesn't work after that - would you mind letting us know which version of Spotify you have?


Speak to you soon 🙂



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Hey Elena,
I already tried performing a clean reinstall. My version is 8.5.78

Didn’t work login in and out two times, and the version I have is

Hello Elena,


I also have the same problem. Lyrics do not show up and I have already tried the clean reinstall. I have the version of Spotify.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Many thanks!

So I have the same problem, I remember the lyrics working for me before, After reinstalling and relogging in a few times it didn't help, in-fact it broke it even more, before the reinstall it used to show "Storyline" but now it doesn't show anything at all. No Storyline, and no Lyrics...






iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 14.0.1

Spotify Version



My Question or Issue

The lyrics on my Spotify isn’t working. Tried to reinstall it and used clean install, but it’s still not working. 

Hi Elena. I’m having the same problem. I am using Spotify Premium for family and I am the main user. All my family members able to see the lyrics except for me. Had restart and reinstalled the apps but still the same. I am the one who’s paying for all my family but I am the only one who lyrics doesn’t appear. I dont feel worth paying when I dont have the benefit like others. Kindly update the solution as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. 

Thanks for all the reports folks!


If you're not able to see the lyrics it's possible that you're in a region where that feature is not available yet, or that your account is in a test group.


We are always looking for new ways to improve the product experience and often have different features available across markets due to various factors.


If you're in a country where the feature is available, we can recommend logging out and back in 2 times to sync things up.


If that doesn't do it for you, you can try creating a new account. In case it works better with the new account and you'd like to keep using that, you can follow the steps here to move your music.


Hope this shines some more light on the situation. In the meantime keep an eye on this and this idea for updates on the Lyrics feature.


Take care!

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I do this but it still doesn't work out. I tried making a new account and it works.. what's happening with my acc..

Same issue here! I have the spotify premium and the lyrics arent showing up in my phone. My sister has the lyrics and she's using an Iphone 11, she also uses the Ipad for spotify and both devices has the lyrics. SO I tried logging my spotify acc to the Ipad and no lyrics again :(. However my pc version of spotify does have it! 


My spotify version is : 8.5.80

Phone device : Iphone 7 Plus and Ipad 10th gen

Phone software : IOS 14.1


Screenshot (59).png
Screenshot (61).png

It has been annoying me for a while that it does not work for me either. I use this account to manage artists and I also sync myself lyrics to songs by musixmatch, so I really need this feature. I'm also worried about this issue being tied to certain accounts, so if I were to change accounts, I'd need guarantee that I'd have all my playlists with all their followers switched to my new account, and also my listening history. (The link suggesting how to copy your playlists to another account is ridiculous, I'd lose everything doing that).


So, reading this thread, I decided to try some of the steps suggested here, and that's what's happened


  1. Tried a clean reinstall. It didn't work.
  2. Created a new account. The lyrics feature worked. 
  3. Logged out, then logged in my old account. It did not work. 
  4. Switched back to the new account. It stopped working (!!!)
  5. Switched to the old account. Still not working. 
  6. Switched again to my new account. It started working again (??)
  7. Switched for the last time to my old account and still nothing. 

As I said before, I really need this feature to work. It is very frustrating to pay for a premium account and not having important features for my work, that includes managing artists and syncing lyrics. Also it is frustrating to create a brand new free account and see it working. 


I have install and reinstall my spotify and my lyrics doesn’t show up. what should I do?

Hey folks,


Thanks for getting in touch with us 🙂


If you still can't see the lyrics, it could be that your account is in a test group. We always strive to improve the app and the experience with it. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and will make sure to pass it on to the right team.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to help.

Ver Moderator
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Didnt work for me. Still without lyrics.

Same here.

Didnt work for me.

Hey @Fariquelme,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


If you followed all the troubleshooting steps that's been provided in this thread without being able to see the lyrics you can - as @Ver mentioned - be in a test group.


You can try to create a new account. If you see the lyrics there you can perform an account transfer from the old account to the new one. 


Cheers 🙂

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

in a test group? means?

Hey @nisazainuddin,


Thanks for reaching out.

We'd like to point out that even though the lyrics feature was officially released in some markets, it's not yet available for all accounts.


The reason for this is that we're constantly running tests in order to provide you with the best music experience possible. So it's possible that you might see some features that other don't or get certain ones only temporarily. Click here to learn more about Spotify tests.


A possible workaround would be to create a new account and see if the lyrics feature is available there. If that's the case you can use the steps here that @Jeremy posted to transfer your music collection.


Hope this info is useful. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.



Mihail Moderator
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