Lyrics not showing

Lyrics not showing







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 15.0.2



My Question or Issue

Apparently everyone in the world got the lyrics with the update. Expect me. How do I fix this ? Or rather how will YOU fix this ?! Emptied the cache about 25 times and deleted/redownloaded the app and rebooted my phone that many times. Pretty sure the problem here is Spotify. Not even on my PC does your "update" shows up, and yet my roommate has the lyrics feature working just fine. What is this ? Seems like there's always problems with Spotify.


Edit : I meant except me. But also expect me. I'm not happy about this.

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Hello everyone.


We've again tried to merge all related topics into this one, so that we can keep the information centralized as we have some updates and hope to reach as many of you as possible.


We know it took some time, but the rollout of the lyrics feature should now be fully completed.


However, we are aware that there are some issues with individual accounts that still don't see lyrics, especially on mobile devices. The right folks have been working on a solution, but it will require some account modifications.


If you are still not seeing lyrics on your device (on no tracks at all and have never done so in the past), please reach out to our support team. Have your login email and device info at the ready and the team should be able to get this resolved in a couple of working days after they record your case.


We hope this will help everyone enjoy lyrics to the fullest. Cheers!

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plan: monthly duo subscription 

phone model: iphone xr

spotify version:

 i redownloaded and login for a few times and spotify lyrics still not showing. but on my partner’s spotify it shows lyrics.


I don’t know why, but I’m using the Indian subscription of Spotify but it’s been over a year since the feature first launched but I still haven’t gotten the lyrics feature in India.


Lyrics feature didn't shown on my spotify, even when i tried to login on another device. I'm using family plan with my brother and sister but i'm the only one who doesn't have lyrics feature. I've tried to re-install and cleared my caches several times but still didn't worked.  I'm using samsung A71, Poco X3 GT, and samsung galaxy tab S6 lite and currently living in Indonesia. 


Hey @harshgala,

Thanks for your post in the Community!

Please take a look at the post of @Vasil earlier in this thread and follow the links given there to contact Support, who can help you further with the missing Lyrics feature for your personal account. 

Hope this clears things up. If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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plan: Spotify Premium Family

phone model: iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Pro 

spotify version: 8.7.30

The lyrics doesn’t Show in my devices and I just tried all the ways that the people said.


Hey @Ary_2357


Thanks for getting in touch about this. 


As @AndresM mentioned previously in this thread, in order to get help with the lyrics feature, we recommend reaching out directly to our Support team through any of these channels, since they're the right folks who can take a closer look at your account and give you a hand with this. 


If you need a hand with anything else, just let us know. 

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Hi, I have the same issue. I have reinstalled it several times and tried using different accounts as well. It just won't work. All of my friends have the feature. Did anyone get a solution? Help.



Samsung Galaxy A50s


When I try a different account on my phone, Spotify shows the lyrics but it can't do it in my main account. Also noticed that I can't have lyrics when I change home button settings in my Samsung phone (checked this on the account that worked), where I change the home button from being a button into a swipe motion. 


Lyrics function also appears in my desktop version of Spotify, with my account. It doesn't work in my mobile version with my MAIN account, while other accounts seem to have no problem.








iPhone 12 pro

Operating System

iOS 15.4.1

My Question or Issue

The lyrics on my Spotify isn’t working. Tried to reinstall it, but it’s still not working.


Try to login with mobile number instead of Google account 

I too had the same problem but after logging in with mobile number i got the lyrics





I'm also having trouble with lyrics. i don't see any and haven't since the update came out. I've been looking through this thread for like 30 minutes. I reinstalled spotify like 3 times and logged out and logged back in and still nothing. idk what to do


i have the same exact problem. all of my friends have it since day 1 but in my device it’s still not showing. everything works perfectly fine in my computer but why not in my iphone? i reinstalled it and uploaded it like a million times but nothing changed 



family premium 


iPhone 11


Sri Lanka

Operating system

iOS 15.4.1

I’ve updated Spotify too but none of the lyrics to any of the songs are showing and they’ve never shown before too. But they do on my laptop. How can I fix this? 


Reach out of spotify support, I got mine manually activated yesterday. They'll help. 


Reach out to spotify support. They'll submit a request form to activate it. It will work.


do you know where can i reach out? i’m searching for it for the last couple of days but i still couldn’t find the link. can you please help?




Reach out to them. They'll help you do a clean reinstall. Even if this does not work, they'll go ahead and submit a formal request for the activation of the feature. 


thank you so much!! i reached out. unfortunately a clean reinstall didn’t work but they say they will work on it and i will be able to see it in 5-7 days. thank you again! have a great day



Hi, I can't seem to see the lyrics on my mobile app. I am currently on the premium plan in Germany. I have already tried logging out and back in many times. I have also uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and restarted my phone multiple times. How do I fix the problem? 


Hey, I have a problem with the lyrics in the application, because they appeared before without any problem, but when deleting the app and reinstalling it they stopped appearing, and I have reinstalled the app several times and opened and closed the session also several times as the instructions say and still nothing, and this only happens on my device with android, on my PC the same does not happen, I give the sing section and it allows me to see the letters, the problem only recidizes on my phone. I attach images of a screenshot before reinstalling and another with the same song now. I hope you can help me solve it.



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