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Manual car mode

Manual car mode







(iPhone 😎

Operating System

(iOS 12)


My Question or Issue


I’d like the option to manually enable car mode. Currently I don’t have Bluetooth and use an aux cable. It would be great and safer to still be able to have car mode available.


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Hey @Claretnbluefonz.


Thanks for posting in the Community about this.


Currently there is no way to manually enable Car View. We suggest you head over to this thread, which explains what to do if you have any feedback or ideas regarding Car View (it says it's for Android, but this also applies to iOS users).


Hope that helps 🙂


With the latest update, under settings you can change it to "Always on" under "Car View" so you can manually switch to car mode - signed a person currently sitting at her desk on car mode


Where is the setting? If you’re talking about the one under the heading “car” then it is only going to work if you’re connected via Bluetooth. I’m not using Bluetooth so it doesn’t work. It used to stay on but something changed a few builds ago to stop it happening 




Is this any closer to becoming an option for those of us that don't have bluetooth in their car?


I agree with this. My car has a USB connection which displays the song info on the small car stereo screen. However, I do have my phone on a holder and having car mode manually enabled would benefit me two ways: first, easier to reach the mount than my stereo and keeping my head up and two, I'm not getting any younger and having the larger buttons are easier to see than the small touchscreen controls on my stereo. Plus, the stereo cannot control everything on the Spotify app. Please consider this ability. Surely, it wouldn't be too hard to program an on/off setting for car mode.


I want car view for when I am biking. If there was a manual option it would make it a lot easier for bike commuters to use Spotify on-the-go.


Why are the owners of spotify so anti user?? 


Nearly 3 years on and a manual toggle switch for car mode is STILL not available!!!! Its an absolute joke!  Secretly i know why...... Its so they can sell the "car thing" add on. I have a Pure Highway 600 (which has terrible integration for spotify and is no longer in production) but this isn't recognised as in car bluetooth, despite it's purpose as an in-car bluetooth ffs.  My £1.99 tik tok lenovo knock-off ear buds, however, are recognised (fml).


Hey @stueyuk36,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community.

We appreciate your feedback regarding the Car View functionality. However, this is an idea that has been already suggested here, but it still needs to be voted by the users - feel free to add your +Vote and subscribe to it! 

Keep in mind that its Status doesn't mean it won't be implemented, as Spotify will check it out if it reaches the necessary amount of votes.

If you think your idea should be considered as separate, feel free to submit your idea highlighting how yours is distinct from the existing one.

If anything else comes up, the Community will be here for you. 

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So, the status is Closed - Not Enough Votes. I added my vote but the suggestion did not open. Are you guys going to see the votes if it gets to 50 even though the status is Closed?


Hey @briangw,

Thank you for your message.


The Status Closed - Not enough votes is set when the idea didn't get at least 50 votes in 90 days. But rest assured that the team will take it into account if it reaches the necessary amount of votes. 

We'd recommend checking the full info about it in this article.


Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, remember that the Community is just a post away.

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This is ridiculous. Just make it available for everyone. It can't be difficult to do. A high school computer science student could probably figure it out.


Terrible from Spotify. 

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