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[Mobile] Bring back Featur: Personlal Order for Playlists

[Mobile] Bring back Featur: Personlal Order for Playlists

The new update misses the feature. I want to order my playlist in a personal way, so I can find fast a special playlist. At Desktop the feature is still available, just the transfer to the mobile App is missing.

As an alternative you can give infinite "Pins" so we can recreate our personal order at smartphone.

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This is exactly my issue also. Before the update i had my playlists mapped out so it was easier for me to find them. My Spotify just updated today and I was very upset about it. 

You'll see a row of buttons below "Your Library." Press playlists only to filter artists and albums out. Then you'll see two arrows that allow you to choose what arrangement you want (custom order is an option). 


Hope you find this helpful!

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