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Music Stops Playing When Other Apps in Use

Music Stops Playing When Other Apps in Use


(Iphone 10, US, Free plan, IOS? Not the most recent one)

I am having an issue with keeping music playing on my iphone.  When I go to browse other apps or put on the lock screen, the music will immedeatly stop playing and cannot be turned back on until the spotify app is specifically brought up.  I didn't have problems with this before today, though in some cases when I was reading comics via webtoon, the music would stop playing as I changed page or chapter of the comic I was reading...


Can someone help me out with this, is this a new feature of spotify that has arrived with the new year?  Or is it some sort of glitch? 

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Hey there @Krayfish!


Make sure your device is updated to the latest version as i tends to fix this kinds of issues.


Please let me know how you did 😃

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