Music disappearing with the business winds??


Music disappearing with the business winds??


Sooooooo.... Just started up a premium account with spotify becuase I like having on demand music.  One of my jams is 'Llove' by 'Kaskade'.  Went to play it for a friend the other day and it was.... magically, not in my playlist any more.  Hmmmm, I figured maybe by some incomprehisible series of pocket touches, I unstarred it.  So I went and searched for it...... hmmm, it was gone from the searches.  Even when i go to the web player, its not there either.  Luckly google cached where it used to be... right here:


Ahhhhhh, I get it.  Your lawers had a fight with the lawyers of the content owners of that song.  Gotcha. So how did spotify handle it.  Did they politely indicate that this song in my playlist is no longer available by greying it out.  Possibly even explaining that they are having trouble with the content owners wanting more money than they are willing to pay or whatever.  NOPE.  They simply deleted it out of my playlist.... hoping i wouldn't notice.  After all, i have like 90 songs in my playlist.  I MIGHT actually not notice.  But I did.  So now I'm pretty close to closing my account.  Number 1)  I didn't know music rights, once obtained by spotify were subject to revocation.  Number 2) They are hiding thier failings by actually modifying your playlists in hopes of keeping people like me from complaining.  Now, i get it, the business world is a mess and spotify and the music industry are slamming each other trying to squeeze the most money out of each other as you can.  Fine... I can understand that, and I can even be patient and wait for them to hash it out.  But to remove songs they have lost rights to from my playlist without saying a peep, is COMPLETELY ridiculous.  Now i wonder how many other songs I've lost and may never remenber to re-add again.


So, I've lost some trust in spotify over this.  They need to comunicate when this crap happens.  So people can get an idea of how volatile their contract negotions really are. 

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Re: Music disappearing with the business winds??

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Actually, the desktop client can be set to show unplayable tracks so when this happens, they'll still be there but greyed out. Music comes and goes, generally without any involvement from Spotify. Rights change hands, labels and aggregators reorganise their catalogues and life goes on.


I see 3 other versions of Llove on spotify currently by the way.