Music skips and stutters over Bluetooth in my car

Music skips and stutters over Bluetooth in my car


Just bought a car (2014 VW Golf). When I play music on Spotify over Bluetooth, songs  skip and stutter, like a CD scratching. 


Can anyone suggest some troubleshooting I can try?  


I’ve tried turning on Data Saver in the Spotify app, which didn’t help. Also tried disconnecting and re-pairing the iPhone - but the problem continues. 


I’m using an iPhone 6s running iOS 12, I’m based in the UK on Spotify Premium. 


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Hey there,


Sorry for the issue. Can you please try streaming on another Bluetooth speaker for us to understand why the issue is happening?





The problem does not happen with this iPhone 6s and a Bluetooth speaker. 


I tried pairing a different iPhone SE and played some song from same Spotify account - there was no skipping. However, I only tested for one song. Maybe the error will also appear on the iPhone after some time?


I tried unpairing my iPhone 6s from my Garmin smartwatch but this did not help. 


Tried closing other apps on iPhone 6s, such as Google Maps. This did not help. 


I tried to unpair iPhone 6s and reconnect with Golf - problem continued. 


I also read that in these forums that the problem could be due to the music and phone both trying to connect via Bluetooth. I tried to only connect the music to the car Bluetooth (and not the telephone or Contact sync) however, both seemed to automatically connect and the problem continued. 


Thank you for the reply. It's probably not happening because of other apps being open in the background or other Bluetooth devices are connected to your iPhone.

I have a question regarding your answer. Did you try pairing iPhone SE with your vehicle or a Bluetooth speaker?


I did Reset Network Settings on my iPhone 6s and that seems to have resolved the issue. 


Glad your issue is resolved. Please don't be afraid to open another help thread if you ever have any other issues.


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