Music won't download to offline


Music won't download to offline

Hey I have use Spotify for a while now and always recommend it over ALL others. How come it will only download a certain amount of songs for offline? I know I don't have over 10k, so i dont know why it won't. I have at least 20+ gigs of storage left on my phone as well. Spotify has ALWAYS done this on my phone. It just won't let me get all of my playlist offline. I dont know what else I could possibly do. I've deleted and redownloaded the app plenty of times and even tried restarting my phone. And Spotify has been on 3 iPhones of mine. So I really wish this problem would get fixed or a solution to come up. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Keep that in your mind there is a limitation for offline tracks on each device! Number of tunes you can get offline is *9999 in total *as premium account holder,* 3333 per each device*. So make sure that not hitting the limit. I've done so many research and trying all the possibilities, it's been paid off very well after a month and mine is working without having a single problem since. Hope that helps; get rid of some your tracks and then try to download, it should work that way,