Music won't play


Music won't play


I open Spotify, click a playlist to go on shuffle, and the player shows up, the music tracker shows up, but nothing happens. The song doesn't start, it has a symbol where the timer should be that looks like "-:--" on both sides.


Please help! 


I've tried rebooting, deleting the app, re-downloading, logging out, pretty much everything but it doesn't work!

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Re: Music won't play

Spotify Legend

Hey @viperxdelkar 


Thanks for posting in our wonderul community and congrats on your first post! The first of many we hope :)


Just to get a grip on things, could you let us know the following:


 - Which version of Spotify are you running here?

 - Which make and model of device is this on?

 - Are you receiving any error messages at all?

 - Is this happening on a work or home network?

 - Is this happening with a particular playlist or track?

 - Are you using Local files on Spotify?


If you could let me know, I'd love to help out and get things sorted for you :)


Thanks in advance.