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My Shazam tracks are not syncing with Spotify. Help please?

My Shazam tracks are not syncing with Spotify. Help please?

I have already tried disconnecting, deleting and reinstalling both Shazam and Spotify several times. I switched from android to iPhone a year ago and since then not one song has synced even though the playlist is still being created.
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Thanks for the post.


In 2022 we discontinued support for a legacy developer service, which allowed apps like Shazam to use and interact with Spotify and stream audio. We understand this is frustrating for you.


We recommend you reach out to the support team for Shazam directly regarding their ability to pursue alternative options.



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I have been syncing Shazams since 2016 without any problem. Since a couple of weeks, the feature does not work anymore. I tried disconnecting, deleting the playlist reconnect again without success. The playlist is recreated but only the first Shazam after reconnecting make it to the playlist. I also tried deleting and reinstalling the app from my iOS device, doesn't work...
this is getting pretty annoying... is there any other idea or alternative to understand what's happening to resolve this problem?


thank you





Migrated iOS to Android recently and I can't get my hyndreds of Shazam tracks to new Android phone. This is really frustrating.



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(iPhone 12)


My Question or Issue

I've tried all the suggested methods to get the Shazam tracked automatically, but nothing seems to work.
Methods tried:
1. Disconnect, then connect Spotify to the Shazam app.
2. Revoke access to Spotify and then try reconnecting to Shazam.
3. Updated the apps and tried the above two methods again (both apps in the latest version).
4. Cleared cache.
5. Log out and log in to the accounts on both Shazam and Spotify.
6. Restart the phone.

It used to sync some time ago, and then I deleted the "My Shazam Tracks" playlist, and now no matter what I try, the playlist gets created but none of the tracks get added.

Please help!



im having problems with the Spotify - Shazam connection. At one point it stopped adding new songs so I searched online for help and tried some things. To avoid losing my old playlist I renamed it so Shazam would create a new one on the library. 

I tried deleting the cache, desynchronised and resynced it but all that happened was a new playlist without a single song. I currently have 600 song in Shazam and use it frequently, so I would love for it to function again. 

do you have any tips for me?


thank you for your help!


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