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My Spotify Premium is not activating


My Spotify Premium is not activating

Hello. I have purchased spotify premium and now paid a month and it still hasnt activated on my iphone 4s app... please help




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I have just subscribed to Spotify Premium and it is not working on wither my desktop app or my phone.


I have done the full clean installation step, and tried disconnecting my facebook account.


Nothing works.


Can you at least post a message ackowledging the problem, and let us know you are working on it.


Not a great experience.

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Hi all - I can assure we're still working a fix here. Glad to hear some users are already receiving their Premium. 


When I have an update for everyone I'll make another post. 

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Thank you for getting back to us everybody. Everything should be back to normal now.


We're truly sorry for the inconvenience some users experienced yesterday as there was a delay in the upgrade to accounts. 


If you're still not receiving your Premium after upgrading, please sign out / sign in. Any other trouble, please get in touch via the contact form so we can take a closer look. 

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I've just moved your post here-- did you see my previous post? It doesn't look like you've tried to upgrade again since updating those card details. 

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Ok, just tried the Facebook log in and it worked strangely enough. Thanks for getting back so quickly!

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Hi Benocean -

I've just had a look at your account and the upgrade has definitely gone through.

Please try shutting down the app and logging back in--just make sure you're using your 'benocean' username.

Let me know how that works for you, thanks!

I have also purchased Spotify premium and have already been billed but according to my Spotify account I am still using Spotify free. Nothing I have tried will work but I have already paid and expect to get what I paid for or get a refund. Please help.

Hi nicolechristine- You're having a different issue here. 


What's happened is you've just made another account via your Facebook. Most likely you've been logging into that one rather than your original, Premium account. 


Not to worry, I've removed that duplicate for you. Just be sure you always log in with your Spotify username now and not your email. 


For more info on sorting this all out please see Richard's post here

I'm having the same problem. I have a Premium account but it's not activated in my IPad app. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling. I then opened the app and was asked for my login details. It did not do this when I first installed the app. Also I can't find in the app where to login / out or am I missing something really obvious Anyway so now I'm paying for a service I can't access. Someone from Spotify can you tell me how to resolve this. Thanks

Hi Stevenwise- As we'll need to confirm a few details on your account, the best way to proceed here is via email. 


Have a look in your personal inbox--there should be an email from me any second now. 

I purchased Spotify Premium on my desktop and then downloaded the mobile app. I was able to sync playlists offline for a while, but now I can't access my offline playlists on my ipod and it's telling me I don't have Spotify Premium.


This is probably a separate issue, but I'm also having some trouble logging in to Spotify on my ipod. It usually "thinks" for a really long time and I have to try logging in multiple times.

Hi natashahduarte- That Premium subscription is still active for you. 


The first thing I recommend is a clean resintallation of the app on both your mobile and your iPod. 


Then be sure you're using your 'natashahduarte' username to log in (not your email address). If you're still not receiving Premium, please let me know exactly what mobile device/ iPod you're using. 


I am also having this problem of having paid for the premium membership but not being able to use the services on my iphone.

Same problem here.  I just purchased a premium membership and the Spotify app isn't allowing me access to my playlists on my iPhone 4S.  

Hi mcletusbaum & crimsonreign - I can confirm your Premium subscriptions have gone through.


I recommend doing a quick reinstallation on your iPhones to make sure you've got our latest update (0.5.3):


1. Delete the Spotify application from your iPhone. To do this, press and hold the application until it hovers and then press the X symbol
2. Restart your iPhone
3. Install Spotify again from the AppStore


If you're still not receiving Premium on your device after signing in please let me know. 

I have just bought premium but either my computer or ipad sees me as a premium user. I hab\ve reinstalled spotify. Please help 🙂

I just upgraded to Premium so I could enjoy my fav song list from my PC to my phone whether offline or on.  It's not working, it shows the songs and then states The track is not available and all songs in that playlist are grayed out.  Please help.


I see you're pretty active. I have reset my iPod a couple of times, I have reloaded the app and restarted the device. Am still recieving the error that I'm not a spotify premium member as it says online. I have tried checking e-mail to see if I missed a step here or there, doesn't seem to be the case. Any other trouble shooting you can suggest? Does this stupid Facebook login have something to do with it? Everytime I try to re-sing in I get "You have already authorized this app."  Is that the problem, it's looking at an older verison of my account? Please advise. This info may help below, 


Email address:
Username/ID:    1229966930
Date:           2012-07-22 18:35 UTC
Order ID:       94828464019


Thank you,

- Jack 

Logged in with Facebook and updated billing info and subscribed to Premium. Works from Mac desktop, but iPhone isn't recognizing the subscription. I've do reinstalled the app on the iPhone with no success. Any ideas? I do have a separate account from Facebook but I don't use it at all.

I purchased a Premium Subscription today, and neither my computer nor my iPhone recognizes the upgrade. I have tried logging out and back in again, re-installing the app, etc, but when I try to play a song, it tells me I have to upgrade. I have the receipt for the payment in my email inbox, so I know the card has been charged. Please help! This is very frustrating. 

I recently upgraded to Premium service; however, while logging in via Facebook on my iPhone, an error pops uP claiming "Only Premium subscribers may stream music" when selecting a song. I have checked and my subscription is active. Please help?!

i just subscribed and it's not working for me too 😐

I am a premium member but I can't listen to any music other then radio on my phone. Please help this is very frustrating.

I have the same problem

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