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My Spotify Premium is not activating


My Spotify Premium is not activating

Hello. I have purchased spotify premium and now paid a month and it still hasnt activated on my iphone 4s app... please help



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Apologise for that. My posts are valuable because there no mods online. All mods and staff are working with this problem.


However If my posts not maked any sense, why not to use Contact form and wait for response 24 hours? 😉

Same problem

Same for me! Have tried logging in and out on mobile and Mac my premium isn't activating, even though it says I've upgraded in my account page.

Wait for fix.


I go now to sauna.


I come back soon to answer your lovely questions!



Because that is unacceptable hpguru. It's not even terrible customer service, it is a complete lack of service, at best. You don't make any promises you can't keep up front. The website should really update the service status. It's like paying to eat at a buffet promising full service immediately, then having the host tell you it's a 5hr wait before they actually know when the food will be prepared, because the kitchen appliances are not working. This is seriously retarded and it's what Spotify is doing. You would get your money back an go somewhere else.  

Purchased spotify premium after I ran out of hours, worked for about an hour and then just stopped?  Please help, thanks.  I guess this would be my ID: 1249154659

Je me suis abonné ce matin à premium et ca na fonctionne tjs pas, ni sur mon iphone ni sur mon ipad! lorsque je sélectionne un titre, il indique "écoute reservée aux membres premium...". mais je le suis.


My Spotify Premium does not activate, not on PC, Iphone, Ipad. How long do I have to wait?

After 9 hours, it's finally working for me. I logged out and back in. I guess you just have to wait and keep trying that momentarily. I could have been informed and aware of this had the site shown the server error to at least expect the inconvenience or it could have worked like it was supposed to in the first place. Thanks spotify..

And it works. About time.

Mine still isn't working, whether I log in with spotify details or Facebook.

Spotify accepts new users without informing of serious problems; not being able to provide the service1.


The money of new "premium" (or other "ad free") users are still accepted by Spotify, while their system is not able to accept these new users. (Meaning you pay but still get the ads.)


Their message on the service status page is: "All systems are up and feeling jolly good". Meaning that page is meaningless (last checked at 19:15 Saturday 22.09.12) .


They require that you complain before reimbursing. This is interesting considering they are fully aware of these problems, and have been for close to 24 hrs.



It's taken 14 hours!


But it works! 

Logged out and back in and now mine is working again too.

Mine works!!!!!!!! Omg thank you spotify ❤️

Mine is still not working!!! Ffs

It's better than nothing.


Keep in mind I'm not a CS employee, so I do this with my free time.


For official response wait response from Mredith or another mod. They said though some minutes ago they still working.

Marked as solution

Hi all - I can assure we're still working a fix here. Glad to hear some users are already receiving their Premium. 


When I have an update for everyone I'll make another post. 

my premium wont work either! please activate! 🙂

Mine suddenly seems to work again! Thnx

@Spotify: I still think the communication and feedback about this was lousy!!!

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