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My Spotify Premium is not activating


My Spotify Premium is not activating

Hello. I have purchased spotify premium and now paid a month and it still hasnt activated on my iphone 4s app... please help



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Hey all!! I upgraded to premium about 12 hrs ago. My subscription on my iPhone 4S with the 6.0 update, didn't start working till I just logged out & logged back in(using FB). I appreciate the timeliness & effort of the Spotify team!! I work in tech support for one of the largest Internet companies in the world, & know how chaotic situations like this can be(your lucky you all don't have phone support!). Anytime a software update comes out, usually all content(apps, ebooks, videos, etc) have to be updated accordingly. & these things are unpredictable, you don't know of the incompatibility until the update comes through. I assume that the devs at Spotify probably had to reach out to the devs at Apple(& we all know how that could be : /), which takes time, a lot of troubleshooting, and a lot of cooperation between both parties to correct issues that have arisen for their customers. Digital content is no where near perfect, nor will it ever be. But it's accessible, that's what is so appealing! So Kudos! To the Spotify team for the quick fix!! I was worried that we'd have to wait for an app update to correct the bug, but I'm ecstatic that they could resolve it on their end!! Thanks Spotify, your awesome, & keep up the good work!! J

WOOHOO! Hello i am lasse, lasse från gnesta! and now its working, 15 hours late though but just in time for partey. Im going to pop som champange now! cya suckers

@rkardogren wrote:

WOOHOO! Hello i am lasse, lasse från gnesta! and now its working, 15 hours late though but just in time for partey. Im going to pop som champange now! cya suckers

Enjoy your party.


I hope you play this party song. It's best!



Cheers party shakers!

WOOOOOOH 😄 Premium is back! Thx

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Thank you for getting back to us everybody. Everything should be back to normal now.


We're truly sorry for the inconvenience some users experienced yesterday as there was a delay in the upgrade to accounts. 


If you're still not receiving your Premium after upgrading, please sign out / sign in. Any other trouble, please get in touch via the contact form so we can take a closer look. 

saaaaaame problem.


Fix it spotify. 


what do?

Hey watersofice - It seems your last payment for September couldn't go through successfully. 


I see you've already stored new payments details. Perfect! Now all you need to do is upgrade again via your subscription page


nah none of your suggestiions apply. fix it. it's not rocket science. I pay, you adjust my account. It's bad enough I have to be on fakebook to have this. wait til someone comes up with spotify without fb and actually gets the premium **bleep** fixed. 

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I've just moved your post here-- did you see my previous post? It doesn't look like you've tried to upgrade again since updating those card details. 


Ok it works now. Thanks for your help. Sorry I was ornery I tried to upgrade like 4 different times and it wouldn't work. thanks again. and you guys should really consider not requiring facebook. More and more people are deactivating at least temporarily so they can be productive. A ton of people I know deactivate their FB or have deleted it altogether for privacy concerns.

Mine is not working. Not on my iPhone 5 nor on my iPad 2. Really frustrating! Please help!!!

Hey mclettborn - You're probably having trouble because you've got two accounts. 


First of all, sign in with your 'mclettborn' username to receive your Premium. Then follow the steps here to sort out that extra account:



Why wont my Spotify Premium activate? Ive bought a Sportify Giftcard and activated it. It accepted the code but now nothing happends. I have tryed to reinstall both aps on my phone and on my computer, but still nothing. So what should i do?

Hi Fitforfight - Do you mind giving that another go today? We're getting confirmations that redeeming codes is working for other users now. 

Hi, I've just upgraded my account to premium again after not having used it in two months or so but it's not recognising it? I've reinstalled and restarted my iPhone but still no joy.

I have the receipt so its not a payment issue. Very frustrating please help!


Are you sure you are logging in with the correct credentials (username/password?)

Did you create a username prior to Facebook connection?
Or did you create your username after it was needed on Spotify?

You can log in from website with the credentials and check the subscription.

                                                                      IDEAS: Device Management | Recover Deleted Items

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I have always only logged in on spotify and never bothered with Facebook log in. Now when I went to to check my subscription it keeps telling me incorrect password over and over? I've been a premium user for nearly two years now. What's going on?

Many thanks

My username /ID is 1128979752.
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Ok, just tried the Facebook log in and it worked strangely enough. Thanks for getting back so quickly!

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