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My Spotify Premium is not activating


My Spotify Premium is not activating

Hello. I have purchased spotify premium and now paid a month and it still hasnt activated on my iphone 4s app... please help



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I'm having the same problem... bought the Premium upgrade my computer, but my iPhone 4 says i'm still at free mode. Help?

I purchased a Premium Subscription today, and my iPhone does not recognize the upgrade, however my desktop app does.  I have tried logging out and back in again, re-installing the app, etc, but when I try to play a song, it tells me I have to upgrade. I have the receipt here, and am logging in through Facebook. The desktop app has no problem recognizing this.


Email address:
Username/ID:    1242477900
Date:           2012-08-27 17:50 UTC
Order ID:       105447148013



thanks in advance.



Same thing for me. Activated 30-day trial about an hour ago. iPad-app still doesn't recognize me as such and thinks i'm still in free mode, it seems. Already tried to log off and on, and even reinstalled the app. But no premium mode...


Regards, Ivo.

I just upgraded to premium as well and tried all the tricks in this thread, yet my iPhone will not recognize the upgrade.  I just submitted a help ticket. 


I hope this gets resolved soon because this is not a good start to my Spotify experience.  Not sure how confident I feel about continuing my subscription...

Same as above unfortunately 😕

Wow least I know it's not just me 😉

I did submit a trouble ticket using the contact form, so I'll see what I get I suppose.



Nope, not just you.  I'm still a bit shocked that these issues are still happening.


Come on Spotify, help us out here!

I have the same problem. I have premium but my iphone does simply not recognize it. How is this possible?

i purchased spotify premium a few hours ago, and its been working perfectly on my ipod. but just now it stopped working, and when i try to play a song it says that i need to upgrade to premium. please help


I am Premium-User since a few minutes and can't listen to my music on my IPhone!

I created a device PW and logged in with that and my user number... it doesn't work! pls help me!

Thank u 🙂

I purchased premium a few hours ago and cannot get access on my iphone. Can you help me determine why this is?

Thank you!


Just purchased Spotify premium via facebook account.

Won't work on iphone or ipad.

Logged in with facebook acc.

Thanks for quick help.

I have purchased spotify premium and it still hasnt activated on my iPhone 4, please help.

I am having a similar problem. Today I upgraded my service to Premium using my laptop, but cannot get my iPhone to recognize that I have a premium account. I have reinstalled the software already, but that didn't do the trick. Please help.


I'm getting the same problem on my iPhone. I have signed up for the 30 day trial but after trying the app it doesn't seem to be picking it up. Hope you can help!



Please Please PLease Spotify CS, let's fix this huh?




Hey there!


I'm sorry to hear about trouble with your lovely Spotify.


Can you describe more about your situation. For how long you're waiting this Premium update? Keep in mind sometimes it can take about 12 hours to update. Feel free to log out and log in back in Spotify because this helps often.


If there is no Premium at all for a long time, you may need to delete duplicate account. Just contact to Spotify and they can sort this in no time.


Hope you can enjoy Premium very soon!



Thanks..I've been waiting probably about 4 hours. I've already contacted support, but haven't got any resolution yet.




Thanks guru, I may just need to be more patient then as I only signed up less than an hour ago!

Thanks for your swift reply and fingers crossed

Lee 🙂

We shouldn't have to wait 12 hours to use a service that you charged us for immediately...  not cool.

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