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My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification

My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification

This Just Started Happening this Morning But Everytime My Phone Receives A SnapChat Notification But Music Stops Playing I Am Running iOS 11 On A iPhone 7 Plus And The SnapChat Is Up To Date I Am Also A Premium Customer 

My First Thought was That Some One Else Have Been Using Because Occasionally I will Allow One Of My Friends To Use My Spotify account But That Wasnt The case 


Edit 12-9-17: I’ve Had An iPhone X For About A Little Over 2 Weeks Now And I’m Still Having The Same Issue I Had On My Other iPhone

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I have this problem as well. 

I have the same problem.  Following in hopes to find the fix. 

Me also 

I’m having this same problem too, also with an iphone 7 plus. Has anybody found a solution yet?

Same issue on iPhone 6S

Same issue on the iPhoneX running iOS 11.1.1, had the same problem on iOS 11.

have the same problem! iphone 7 and premium user

I have the same problem! It only happens when I’m connect to Bluetooth, or unless I haven’t noticed it any other time. iPhone 7 premium user, very sad this keeps happening cause it pauses almost every 30 seconds. Needs to get fixed soon. 

I have the same problem too!!! 

Is there anyway to solve it ?


Same here iPhone 7 Plus anyone else speaker sounds like phones been wet ? Like  muffled  distorted but only on Spotify app everything else sounds good ?

Yes! It like has little hiccups as well in the sound if that makes any sense

I haven’t found any solution to it yet. I’ve tried turning off the sound and vibration for my notifications but nothing seems to work 😞

Same here but I don’t think it’s spotify that’s making the issue because my Netflix pauses as well. Might be a Snapchat issue or iPhone issue

It happens with my soundcloud and british radio app. Sometimes with all notifications. My best guess is that it’s an iphone issue

I have the same problem too, but now it happens when I get a notification from twitter or youtube. It's starting to get very annoying..

I have the same issue on my iphone 6S.

Also happens when I watch a video on IG mid song or video on twitter. I have to zap the app and reopen. It’s super annoying. Running iOS 11.2 Beta on an iPhone X and it’s still happening. Premium user 

Now it just says i'm offline and not conected to the internet which isn't correct 😞

It happens to me too, I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it worked for a day but now it’s back. 

I listen to ordinary music on Spotify iOS 11.2 beta iPhone 6s premium and I get a Snapchat notification and it stops and won’t play if I don’t press the play button 

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