My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification

My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification


This Just Started Happening this Morning But Everytime My Phone Receives A SnapChat Notification But Music Stops Playing I Am Running iOS 11 On A iPhone 7 Plus And The SnapChat Is Up To Date I Am Also A Premium Customer 

My First Thought was That Some One Else Have Been Using Because Occasionally I will Allow One Of My Friends To Use My Spotify account But That Wasnt The case 


Edit 12-9-17: I’ve Had An iPhone X For About A Little Over 2 Weeks Now And I’m Still Having The Same Issue I Had On My Other iPhone

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I’m having the same problem and I’m a Spotify premium member with iPhone 6 and it keeps pausing when I open snapchat but will resume when I slide up from the bottom and press play again but why won’t it just keep playing


Yeah, I just got an iPhone 8 plus running on ios 11.1.2 and it does the same thing, but the thing is I'm not even using spotify, I'm using apple music. So, it may be snapchat because apple music is actualy by apple.


I also have this problem, iPhone 7 Plus, both apps are up to date and running the most recent version of iOS. Hoping Spotify looks into this if enough people comment. 


I have the same issue with my iPhone 7 up to date with IOS 11.1.2. Its beginning to become really frustrating with it pausing so much. 



Delete both apps and reinstall!! seemed to work for me so far


My IPhone 8 is doing the same thing. My Snapchat’s up to date and so is my Spotify. Im on IOS 11.1.2. I’m a premium customer and only listen to my music offline so it can’t be that someone else is on my account. It pauses when I get a snapchat and when I’m on the snapchat app. As a customer, who pays for Spotify, I don’t expect something as consistent as this to be an issue.


Same problem on the iPhone X IOS 11.1, premium user, happens when I'm playing music via Bluetooth 😞


Whenever I’m listening to music and my phone is off or I’m on Netflix or Snapchat, it pauses the music whenever I get a notification, sometimes it doesn’t pause it but most of the time it does. 


If you have vibrate on ring turned on, turn that off. It seemed to fix the problem for me 🙂

- Kay


Do you think it does it when premium users use it, cause I just got the iPhone 8 Plus and it’s been doing it ever since 


Premium user with an iPhone X running iOS 11.1.2 having the same issue. Apple just released iOS 11.2 on 12/2/17, and I'm downloading that now to see if the problem is resolved. 


If not, I'm planning to file a support claim with Apple. Since people are posting that this is occuring with both Spotify and Apple Music, it seems to be an Apple iOS issue-- not Spotify or Snapchat. I recommend that others submit Apple support claims for this issue in order for it to get attention.


This happens to me too. I just had the iphone 6 but now I have the 8 and it still happens. It’s so annoying. 


Same here. IphOne 7 plus 


Spotify stop many Time. I have autoradio with chanal Spotify and App, but it not help. I have full internet and Bluetooth...????


This keeps happening to me too and it’s very irritating 


I’ve had the same problem and it’s sooooo annoying. Like to the point I’m ready to cancel my premium account. I just deleted both Snapchat and Spotify tonight and redownloded them and so far (fingers crossed) it works. We’ll see for how long. 


I just got my IPhone 8 Plus and I have the same problem now!


I also have this problem, only started when I got iPhone X. My last phone (iPhone 7) was not updated to latest iOS, so could have somthing to do with latest iOS ? 


Incrediably annoying when driving, anyone know of any solutions? 


I’m having the same problem on iPhone X


I have this problem... they need to get it figured out.. I pay $10 a month and expect to get good quality.. only for my music to pause everytime I get a snap chat notification, or go on my snap chat app, it pauses several times before I can actually get it to start playing again. So tired of it

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