My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification

My Spotify Stops Playing Everytime I Get a Snapchat Notification


This Just Started Happening this Morning But Everytime My Phone Receives A SnapChat Notification But Music Stops Playing I Am Running iOS 11 On A iPhone 7 Plus And The SnapChat Is Up To Date I Am Also A Premium Customer 

My First Thought was That Some One Else Have Been Using Because Occasionally I will Allow One Of My Friends To Use My Spotify account But That Wasnt The case 


Edit 12-9-17: I’ve Had An iPhone X For About A Little Over 2 Weeks Now And I’m Still Having The Same Issue I Had On My Other iPhone

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Im so glad that I’m not the only one this is happening to. It happens not only with Spotify, but YouTube videos and Apple Music as well. It’s so frustrating. APPLE FIX YOUR **bleep**


i just updated my phone (ios11.2.1 i phone x) but my music still went off when i received a notification?


I updated to ios 11.1.2 and it worked for a few days and now it’s not working anymore. I also just turned Snapchat sounds off and that didn’t work for me either 


Thanks! It’s worked!


Het gebeurt alleen als je je geluid op tril hebt probeer maar als je het geluid aan hebt gebeurt er niks!!!


Try turning your message sound on and open snapchat it won’t stop only when you have your phone on vibrating


Update Snapchat. Works for me


it still isn't working for me after the update on jan 8th


I am a Spotify Premium member and I have the iPhone X running on IOS 11 and it is constantly pausing too. Any time i get a snapchat notification. It just pauses itself, so i can be driving and my phone will be in the well under the stereo and my music will be playing through the aux cable, if i get a snapchat notification it just pauses itself and i have to go on my phone whilst driving to press play again. Its really beginning to bug me. It's worse whenever i open snapchat. If i open snapchat with music playing it pauses itself, soi go back to spotify and unpause it, once i hop back on snapchat it pauses itself again. I do the same again and i'm lucky if it works on the 3rd time, its becoming a nightmare. You think apple would've tried to sort this by now. I can't take it much longer, especially whilst im driving.


This is happening to me too. I have an iPhone 8 and Snapchat will pause my Spotify and YouTube. How do I fix this?


Y'all really need to fix this!


This is clearly a problem on Snapchat's end, not Spotify's.

It happens with Spotify, Podcasts, Apple Music, etc. Basically anything that streams audio that I've used pauses when I get a Snapchat notification. And if it's "So-and-so is typing" and then "Message from so-and-so" it stops twice! So annoying. But not Spotify's problem.

Also, none of the proposed fixes in this thread have worked for me permanently.


Uninstall and reinstall the Snapchat app. It worked for me.


After being advised to try clearing my cache on snapchat. I did. And so far it appears to have helped.


Same issue! Very there a solution yet??!!


The same thing happens with me. Every snapchat notification my Spotify pauses. This also happens for my Netflix and Hulu. Apple issue?? (I have an iPhone SE)

Just clear cache, it should work


I did this. I hope it will work now ..


I cleared my cache on snapchat and nothing happened. Still pauses every time. How do I solve this????????



Here’s the solution! Clear your snapchat cache, it worked perfectly for me. Go into Settings and scroll all the way down to Account Actions, right under it says clear cache. Click it and follow the instructions it gives you.

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