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My downloaded songs won’t play in offline mode

My downloaded songs won’t play in offline mode





Australia, currently in Thailand 


iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 13.3


My Question or Issue

The last few days much of my downloaded songs won’t play in offline or airplane mode. The same tracks worked fine a week ago. When pressing play they pause at 0:00. Sometimes it will play a song from the same album but the others don’t work.

I have read other posts from users with the same problem but none of the solutions work.  I have the latest version of the Spotify app and have the latest software on my iPhone XS. I have deleted the cache several times and also tried offloading the app. Nothing fixes the problem. I have over 1500 songs properly downloaded to the device so uninstalling and re-downloading all the songs is not a practical solution. I doubt I would even find half of them.

Hoping you can offer a more practical solution.


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