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My music won't play

My music won't play

This issue has been going on for about a month now. My music will play and then stop after 7-11 seconds. It doesn't pause it, it just literally doesn't play anymore no matter what i do.
I removed my phone from offline devices and it fixed nothing.
I logged out and logged back in. Nothing.
I deleted the app and downloaded it again. nothing.
I did all of these at once. Also nothing.
I am starting to become increasingly frustrating because I am an avid music lover and listener and my experience with spotify has always been great. (I've been using premium for a little over a yer now)
This isn't an issue on any of my other devices either, just my iPhone.
I'm hoping this gets fixed, because I would hate having to end my premium subscription as I would be paying for a service I'm not getting..
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I'm having the SAME problem on my Android!  I just assummed my husband didn't pay for the month!  Nope!  And it happens randomly.  I'm extremely frustrated!!

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