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My offline playlist

My offline playlist

My offline playlists were synced and in my settings it still shows spotify is using 5.3Gb of data (since the songs ate still synced for offline use) but my playlists are no longer "available offline" now that I am at work and away from my personal computer used to sync my offline playlist. I opened spotify only to be disappointed by the fact that the "available offline" slider was "unchecked" this made both playlists unavailable for use but my songs are clearly still connected to this device.

I was reading up on it, how does this "3 device rule" work. Is that only mobile devices? Or does that count computers too? As far as I know I have one Apple device, My personal computer and my wife's phone since we use one or the other for music while we sleep. We also have a laptop that might have something connected but does that mean my iPhone was automatically disconnected? if that were the case would it not be smarter to to set up a system in which you are prompted to deactivate a device in order to add another?
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The 3 device rule is only for offline mode (3 devices can use offline mode, mobile, tablets or computers) if you have more then 3 devices using offline mode, one will be removed. You can reset your deices by posting here 🙂 Also, if you do a clean install of the app it should remove that data and (for me) it lets me download offline playlists again. Did you try that? 

Hope this helped 🙂

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I have not yet, thank you. I will do that when I get home from work.

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