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My playlists are gone!

My playlists are gone!



When I upgrade my account to Premium I realized that all my playlists are gone!

I dont have them on my iPhone or PC. I had a Unlimited acc first but after a while my kredit card was out of date, so I got Spoity Free instead. But now got an iPhone, so I upgraded my acc to Premium. After this all my playlists are gone...


So my questions is: can someone help me to get my playlists back?


Sorry for my bad english 😉

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I have thought exactly the same problem.
How I can restore my lists?
Thank you.

StefanJ- I've just had a look at our account and I can see 11 playlists. Can you not see any of these?


Please try logging out and logging back in with your Spotify username (not your email) and your Spotify password. 


jemiliosb- What's happened here is you've opened another account via your Facebook. However, I can see my colleague has already responded to the case you opened via our contact form. 


Have a look in your personal inbox to see that message from her. 

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