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My playlists is getting deleted on my iPhone and iPad on its own.

My playlists is getting deleted on my iPhone and iPad on its own.

Hi! For a couple of weeks now I have had this trouble. My playlists that I have done (with several artists in it, or playlist with only one artist but songs from different albums) is disappearing from my iPhone and iPad (iPhone 8+ and iPad Air 2) and I have to log in to and restore them. I did it yesterday for example and today they was gone again! Does anybody else have this problem? I have a Spotify premium family account. My husband only use his Spotify on the computer so he hasn’t had this problem because he doesn’t make playlist. I got around 80-100 playlist so it suck to alway go in to the website and click restore on everyone, but I want everyone in my phone and my iPad because I listen to songs from every playlist almost everyday. So, if someone now what’s the problem is and could tell me how I can solve it or if it’s a bug in Spotify’s apps I would be very thankful. Thank you and have a great Sunday from me here in south Sweden! 

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