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My songs randomly skip/do not play

My songs randomly skip/do not play

I am in the US, with a premium plan. I use spotify on an iphone 8 plus, software version 13.6.1. I have a 64 gigabyte phone. I have used 62 gigs of storage, 10 of which comes from all the songs I downloaded from spotify. 


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The last few days when I am listening to Spotify on my phone, it randomly skips songs. There is no pattern either. Sometimes it goes 3-4 songs without a problem and then skips the next song for no reason. Also, sometimes it wont even play songs I have downloaded. I tried signing out of the app on all devices, deleting it the app and redownloading, and turning my wifi on and off to no avail. Deleting the app and redownloading worked for a few days, but then the problem has reoccured. Now I just dont know what to do and I am getting extremely frustrated. 

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Hey @oliviaisufi23,


Thanks for getting in touch with us 🙂


We hope you don’t mind us replying now as we just stumbled upon this thread. 


The troubleshooting steps you've tried are very good. We'd like to add a few more. Can you give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall? This one is more thorough than the usual reinstall. 


If you have any battery optimization or power saving apps, you can deactivate them for Spotify. It's also a good idea to try with another account. Does the issue persist?


Keep us posted! If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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