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My songs won’t download offline

My songs won’t download offline

I have tried and tried again, deleted the app twice but no matter what my songs just won’t download! Help! 

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Hi CeliaA!

Have you already tried downloading on a secure WiFi connection? 

Yes, still no hope! 

Let me check on something else -  does your device has enough internal storage space to download all the songs? And are you trying through a download playlist function?

I have over 4GB of storage left, and it is both albums and playlists that will not download. I also am not exceeding the 3 device feature in place 

Is there a way you can include some screenshots of the steps you take when trying to download and what your settings look like? Based on the info you've provided so far it doesn't seem like there are any obvious reasons it shouldn't download.





Has been stuck on 0/65 for 2 hours now and  has been trying to download the Mumford and sons album for an hour 

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