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My spotify premium isn't working!!!

My spotify premium isn't working!!!

I recently paid $9.99 for premium and it isn't working. This is extremely frustrating. Please help!
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Yeah the exact same thing happened with me and it shows that screen

i have exactly the same problem as @bptrish. I have just purchaced the spotify premium deal of 99 cents for 3 months and it says that i have puchaced it but when i go offline the songs stop playing and it tells me that im offline! 

I had the same problem too so I uninstalled it then reinstalled it and logged in again and it worked.

I just upgraded to premium with the $0.99 for 3 months deal and I have logged in and out, shut my phone off, and redownloaded the app, but it only works as the free version. What should I do?

Hi I've signed up for spotify premium with the 30-day free trial twice now and it isn't working it still says I need to upgrade?


I just subscribed to Spotify premium and even received a receipt but it isn't working it keeps showing up as if I don't have Spotify premium please help me ! What is happening ?

hi! i signed up for spotify premium with the student discount a few hours ago. when i go to my spotify app, i only have and can use features from the free subscription (limited skips, shuffle play only, etc.) what should i do to activate the premium in-app? also, i never received a receipt but it says i have a premium account online, but again in app it says i have a free subscription.


Hi I just paid for the $0.99 for 3 months today and when I get onto my account I try to listen to music offline and it does the same old and says upgrade to premium please help me this is really annoying me

can u have a contact number for us to be able to talk to u personally @ spotify


I recently payed the 99p for 3months offer but this is the second day and it doesn't work but when I click on the button to get it again it tells me I already have it plz get back to me asap @

I've got a 30 day trial but it's not working wen I turn of wifi what up

I am on the family plan and have Spotify premium and I have all of the premium features but my music will not play offline, I am very frustrated.

Hi my spotify premium isnt working as well. Whenever I press download all my music in my created playlist it says "want to play offline, take your music offline with premium..."

my spotify was reinstalled by a tech and was working ,now it will not just has the screen for spotify

In my Vodafone deal I have a Spotify premium offer which I have selected. And it says I have it but when I go on my actually go on my account it says I do not have premium. This happens when I try to do something like download my playlists. Please help!!!

Hi my premium isn't working either, I got the £0.99 for three months deal and my account aknowalges I have premium but doesn't play the songs!

I've only just realised it's working on my iPad and not my phone can you help with that instead please.

MINE ISNT EITHER. i paid for 3 months ($0.99) and it just isnt working

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