Need recommendations on car stereo/head unit (iPhone)


Need recommendations on car stereo/head unit (iPhone)


I'm in the process of selling and getting a new car but am unsure how long it will take... so I'm looking at upgrading the head unit in the car I'll be using in the mean time. Ideally, I'd like to minimize cost on this since it's entirely possible I'll only be using the car for a couple of months.


I'd like to have a USB port on the front and preferably be able to listen to Spotify via this USB connection (which I'm not entirely sure is possible) - this is why I'm posting here on the Spotify forum. I have a USB/AUX head unit in my sights already if audio output via the USB alone isn't possible. 


Does anyone have a setup similar to this (or have any experience with this)?


(Also sorry... I made the terrible newbie mistake of posting before browsing the forums and seeing the other USB post although this topic is somewhat different/unrelated despite USB/iOS being common)