New UI has deleted 90% of my saved artists and replaced them with recommendations. Terrible update.

New UI has deleted 90% of my saved artists and replaced them with recommendations. Terrible update.



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I recently was given the new updated UI without asking for it. The update has totally ruined my experience on Spotify.  It is a classic example of graphic designers and visual artists changing things with NO REGARD for how their tweaks will effect the actual USER experience.


My main concern is that I appear to have lost almost my entire list of saved artists. I used to save songs and because that would automatically add artists to my library, I would then browse my library EXCLUSIVELY by artist.  

When I go to "artists" in the new UI, I have about 5 artists saved under the letter "A". I used to have upwards of 30. The same goes for every letter of the alphabet. The artists that were migrated into my "new" library are only the artists I follow. The complete list (of hundreds of artists) is shown below the "followed" artists, and IT IS NOT IN ALPHA ORDER . WHAT COMPLETE FOOL DECIDED THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?  

MOST of the artists that I have songs saved for are now listed SEPARATELY from the ones that I "follow"


If there is not a quick fix to recover my library, you can consider my subscription over and I will be switching to Apple Music, because I still have an iMac and an iPod.


Please tell me I can recover my library in alphabetical order. Just because I haven't heard a song in a month does not mean I want it to be **bleep** near impossible to find. I can't help but think that you are trying to dumb this app down so much that it appeals only to top-40 listeners and children.

Please make these UI changes optional, because you have literally ruined my favorite way to use Spotify. I do not want to spend my life listening to playlists curated by an algorithm, I want to discover music on my own terms like an adult with a brain.


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Couldn't agree more with the redesign. My biggest current problem is that there are artists that show up in my "Recommended artists" at the bottom of my artist tab. These are artists that have songs I've checked/liked. No matter how many times, and in different ways (mobile, desktop, wifi, 4g, etc.) I click on follow, as soon as I reload the app, they show up in random order under "Recommended"....wth. Liking songs, then listening to the collection of songs under the Artist tab IS HOW I USE SPOTIFY!! I am willing to work around many of the changes wrought by this abbomination of an update, but a lot of stuff is just plain broken. Like seriously doesn't work. What kind of a crappy company releases a broken update, not disagreeable, straight...up....BROKEN. Then over the course of 3 more updates dosn't fix ONE **bleep** THING?




Maybe I will F*** off Spotify, maybe I will.

Right? It's like they don't want music fans now that they are finally turing a profit. What a f*** joke.

Having the same problem. I don't know why they would seperate out the artists when they're all artists I listen to. 

I can only think they made this change to encourage us to follow artists. Which is stupid, because most of my artsits I like 1-4 songs from. I'm not following an artists that I don't belive is going to produce the right type of music for me in the future. I still want to be able to browse them in alphabetical order in a list however!

+1 same here, just registered here solely because I was so **bleep** off. All my artists (oh well 90%) suddenly gone! That is almost as if Google Photos would suddenly remove a bunch of photos because of some algorithm


Sigh.. i am missing the days of Winamp...


The music api/database itself should really be separated from the apps, so that anyone could develop apps using (legal) music databases. I haven’t really enjoyed Spotify much at all past years but it feels as if you’re stuck with it (or some other similar alternative). It’s not a working “market” really.




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