New Update Deleted Saved/Faved Songs


Re: New Update Deleted Saved/Faved Songs


Jack - 


This still does not solve the problem that the songs are gone.


Yes, you can stll see your albums, but you cannot shuffle all of the albums.  so you can only play one album at a time.


Also, the artist page does not work the same way as in the desktop app.  On my phone, the artists did not come over and it says i have none.  If i add an artist, it does not take the songs from my library, it creates a new Spotify playlist of that artist.  I want to be able to play the artists I have from the songs I have chosen.  Not what Spotify thinks I am going to like.


This new phone app is terrible.  It is making the user listen to music the way Spotify wants you to listen.  Not how I want to listen.

Re: New Update Deleted Saved/Faved Songs

Casual Listener

So where can I find all the individual songs I’ve saved? The songs which aren’t visible in my Favourites?