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New features are hurting stations listening experience

New features are hurting stations listening experience




Country USA



(iPhone 6s plus)

Operating System

(iOS 12.1.4)


Todays date Feb 24 2019

My Question or Issue 

  •  1) Since the new features were added to Spotify I can no longer save a radio station so that I can listen to a station more than once. Before there was a follow button that would add that radio station under the stations section; that follow button is gone and no way to save a station anymore for later use. Will an ability to save a station come back so that we can listen to them more than once?


2) stations got rid of thumbs up and thumbs down and were replaced by the heart. Clicking the heart improves the station it also saves that same song to my library which in many cases I do not want to save that song to my library; I only want to improve my station. Will there be a way to improve stations without saving songs to my song library? 

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