New interface, lack of songs, etc...


New interface, lack of songs, etc...

Casual Listener

Plan - Premium

Country - USA



(iPhone 8+

Operating System

iOS 12.X


I'm going to try and be as level headed as possible here.


All the issues I have with the new update:


"Liked songs" playlist (and lack of songs):


This is fine, and a nice feature, but you simultaneously removed the ability to browse all of my downloaded songs. I have hundreds of downloaded songs that are not "liked" within the app, and thus don't show up on that playlist. If I downloaded it, I like it. I shouldn't have to specify that I like it. If you want to separate the two categories that's perfectly fine but PLEASE bring back the song view.


Sub-complaint about removing the songs category is that I no longer have the ability to choose songs, and hit 'shuffle'. I want to shuffle my entire library, and now I can't do that.


The album view:

I have multiple copies of the same album within album view. I have no idea why, or how they got that way, but I do.

Everyone once in a while, if I haven't opened Spotify in a bit and it hasn't connected to the internet (I'm talking maybe a day), and I open it up in a low or no service area, I can't browse those albums. They show up, but when I click one I can't see the songs contained therein even if I have downloaded every song on it.


The artist view:

Why, in the **bleep**, does it not show all of my artists? I found a new artist last week and downloaded two of their albums. But they don't show up in artists view because your algorithm hasn't deemed them popular enough to bubble up to the top. So it makes listening to the new music I found through release radar nearly impossible to find. Instead, I have to search for them, scroll through their entire discography, choose the album I downloaded, and hit play.



This update is a regression in the most basic sense. I've been a Spotify premium user for years and this is the first time I've seriously considered canceling and switching to Apple Music.