New phone, having Spotify issues


New phone, having Spotify issues

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On my old phone, whenever I would add music to playlists they would automatically be added to the list of all songs in my library. With my new phone, my song list looks way off and any new songs I add to playlists are not being added to my song list. I also kept my song list filtered on my old phone to only show downloaded songs. When I do that on my new phone, it only shows full albums I have downloaded and nothing from my downloaded playlists. Is there a way to reset my song list and update it?
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Re: New phone, having Spotify issues

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Hey, @heben7689!

Can you try an uninstall for me? That can typically solve common problems. Also, try a soft reset on the phone if you're still experiencing problems (home + power buttons for ten seconds). Hopefully, this will get you rolling again!

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