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New releases section gone?

New releases section gone?






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Where is the "new releases" section? I can not see it in my front/home page in the app...

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Hi @BrunoSuras

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

If you don't see the New Releases section on your Home page, tap the search button at the bottom of your screen and scroll down (without taping the search bar) until you see New Releases tab. 


I hope it helps! 

Thank you, totally non sense by the UI designers...Who thought Its a good idea to split that feature from the home ....I still do not get it. Maybe it is personal taste, but for me new releases is kind of the first thing I would like to see. 


The new releases on the search part of my app....its about all the new releases .

I am talking about the ones related to my taste.  For example, when I open my spotify desktop version I can see as one of the first things "new releases" ....but related to things I actually listen and follow. 

The one you suggest is about all the musician within the Spotify database.


Do you know how to get the "new releases" back to my ios app? The ones related to my algorithm . 




Hello @BrunoSuras


Thanks for your patience!


The New Releases section on Home page should still be available for iPhone users. 


I'd recommend performing clean reinstall of your Spotify app. It's different than regular reinstallation.
Just find your device in this article and follow the steps provided there.

Let me know how it goes! 

So I have an android and that was my favorite feature I've seen on spotify in a long time. Will it be returning to android ever?

This has disappeared again, I’m **bleep**ing sick and tired of this piece**bleep** app breaking or showing me trash that I don’t care about under the home section, can Spotify please sort this mess out.

Hey there @vekien,


Thank you for your post in this thread.


Can you let us know which version of the app you have?

It would also be great if you can let us know what device you're using.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.



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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

This happened to me today too. Yesterday the section was there, today it is gone.

Is this an April fools joke?
Some consistency to the layout of the page would be nice. I shouldn’t feel pressured to listen to something as soon as I see it...

Hey there @Lazz818


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community, and welcome 🙂 


Would you mind letting us know if you've already tried performing a clean reinstall of the app? This is often an overlooked step, but it can be helpful to get rid of any corrupted files that might be causing trouble. 


If this doesn't do the trick, could you send over your device's make, model, OS version and the Spotify version you're currently running?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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But this is software, it follows an arch where first it improves and then starts to get worse

The new interface is absolutely horrible. Why do they mess with what's working?!

I found "New Releases" in "Search" after googling where why it disapeared. This app is just awful now, they put so much stuff in my face that I don't care about and hide all the stuff I do. If only there was a better music service. I'm sure it would be great, then they too would become successful and ruin the app. It happened to Itunes, now Spotify. 

Same complaint here. Every Friday at work I go to the Spotify Windows desktop app and check out the new releases for all the artists I've followed over 7-years as a premium customer. NOPE! NOT ANYMORE! Mega freaking bonehead move to remove that feature. Every feature I love they consistently remove.


The bright side is that I have tons of suggestions for podcasts and music I'll absolutely never listen to, so that's really great. And I can't remove that **bleep** from the interface even though adding a checkbox to the GUI would be really easy for the devs. Wait, that's not a bright side at all! That's awful!


One step closer to a new platform every day.

This has bothered me for a while now and finally I am wasting some time researching where the new releases section is and we shouldn't have to do that! 


Isn't it obvious that people want to see what new music is out from the artists they follow like it had before? Why remove that feature? I don't care about all these stupid podcasts that you are trying to make me listen to.


You have become so out of touch Spotify. 

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your replies and feedback.


We understand that things can feel frustrating when things don't work as you'd like them to. Rest assured that we're always trying to improve as we always strive to improve our features.


We hope for your understanding and that you continue using Spotify and find it gets better in the future.


Once again - thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

It is quite true that many changes have been introduced by Spotify but the problem is that the majority are not improvements. Why keep changing something that is not broken? The content on this thread demonstrates that many of the changes are unpopular with your long term customers, especially the removal of the New Releases from the home page.

Like the majority of responders here, the principle reason I subscribe is to have the opportunity to see what new music is being released and to be able to listen to those that look interesting to me, sometimes artists with whom I’m familiar and sometimes those in a different genre. 

Now all I see is Spotify compilations to “suit my mood”. That’s not what I subscribed to and it doesn’t satisfy my requirements, nor those of many others. I guess this post will make absolutely no difference to Spotify policy as hundreds of other subscribers have already been ignored, so I guess the only option for those of us who continue to be dissatisfied is to “vote with our feet”?

John Mills, a disappointed long term family subscriber.

Surely allowing us to customise / personalise our home page is the solution??

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