New terrible update 2019 removes personal playlist features from main interface

New terrible update 2019 removes personal playlist features from main interface


Dear Spotify,

If I’ve made my own friggin playlist I don’t need or want favorite/not interested buttons in my interface!!  I do want the shuffle and queue in the main interface.  Also moving the options buttons to the top of the screen is annoying.  Please give me the option to use the normal interface or get rid of this because it’s dumb.  It was bad enough that the queue button dissappeared when this completely unnecessary video clips play.  DO NOT TRY to be overly intuitive.  There’s a balance to this and you had it down.  Don’t f with it.  The way your app is setup is the main reason I stick with you instead of Apple Music and everyone I know who does the same, has the same reasoning.






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Ref "Only testing, fixing soon, old version returning?",  it sadly LOOKS LIKE NOT!


I think this is the new layout for Spotify users... only testing to see the reaction / how many quit.

Now designed for masses of casual users who (they THINK) just want background music.


If you like Sam Smith heres a millon songs that magically sound just like Sam Smith. Real music lovers want to curate a library of Best Artists / Best Songs of All Time that WE have compiled. Not this 'computer says...'. Because you love Iron Maiden it doesn't mean you love Bon Jovi! Look what happened when U2 songs appeared on phones without permission. Music is deeply personal.


Spotify have got it badly badly wrong and now won't admit to it. Time for real music lovers to move elsewhere.


I completely agree with what everyone is saying, I pay for this and this is what I get? Absolute BS. No longer being able to see the single songs I saved from one album is the worst change in my opinion, since it’s the main feature I used every day. I am discovering new music every day, so being able to go to albums and scroll through the covers knowing I can glance to see what new stuff I have, is essential. I’m very upset with this new update, because I don’t have time to sort through every album that’s “saved” trying to find the ONE SONG that I liked. I don’t care about the whole album just give me that one song! Other features that are gone now that make me furious is the fact you can’t “save” things anymore you just “like” things. The very reason I left pandora was to avoid this very thing! This also means you can’t download individual songs anymore, the only button to download is right at the top, so you have to either download the whole album and waste space on your phone, or use data to listen to that one song. I’m not sure I will be paying money anymore if they don’t fix this soon. 



This is the layout everyone hates right? Does everyone that has this layout have family premium or does someone with a solo premium plan have this layout as well?

I have 'solo' Premium and have to combat this mess of a user interface.

Really poorly thought out and hard to use. I'd now look at other streaming
platforms if I was you.


For some reason I actually don’t have that layout, and I have family premium. Maybe it’s only for solo premium/ non premium? I still have the annoying changes I listed above though 

Next time you update I'd imagine you'll get all the problems we have!


That's what I have now on a solo premium account... absolutely hate it!  Can't even view your artists.  That's how I create playlists, by scrolling through the artists, with it showing only the songs I've saved/liked by each one... it was perfect!


Agreed. This update is terrible. It also removes the capability to add songs without 'hearting' them. This makes it much more difficult to see which songs are downloaded to your device! This is important to me because I travel a lot and dont always have access to internet. Will be canceling my prime subscription if this is not fixed soon!


Not everyone has got this useless UI... YET. But will have soon. On another
thread yesterday (about page 15 or 16) a fellow subscriber has had an
official reply from Spotify.
They are bascically saying this IS the NEW system... so get used to it!!
The arrogance of the wording will probably surprise you (something like,
"From now on you must loveheart, or you will lose your favourite tracks").
No explanation why or apology. Why are they so sheepish?

Well the actual reason is rumoured to be something slightly underhand. Some
now believe Spotify have done a deal with the major record companies to
encourage streaming of new unknown artists so to try and break them into
the Charts, get radio plays, recognition and $$$. 'Payola' was the term
when this was done with record shops in the 1980s. It was deemed highly

Subscribers with liberal adventurous playlists like us have now been given
this UI as initial guinnea pigs so they can track the success Stats of new
artist revenue generated by our new 'pushed' steaming habits. IE we are all
being taken for a ride!!

They know the new UI is hard to use because it's meant to be!
WE are now PAYING to be herded / MANIPULATED to what the multi national
record companies want us to listen to!


I can understand you don’t like the new UI but you can choose to switch to another reason to be so rude or say that Spotify is arrogant. They can do whatever they want with their product. It’s up to you to stay with Spotify or not 😊


Thanks for reply.


Hopefully not being rude, I, like others, are just upset.
Have spent 4 years building up a library of my favourite music and now I
can't easily access it. I want to vent my frustration and be noticed by
Spotify before I leave.
They surely want to know if their customers are upset and why they are
leaving, after being so loyal previously?


Hi Chris

obviously you can and vent your frustration but I doubt there's too much behind the scenes (secret dealings with record companies and so on...). Spotify HAD to reinvent the library...only time will tell if they did it right or not.

I myself now have a $hitload of artist/albums in my playlist it’s the only way to remove what’s not wanted in songs on the albums taking time to do but works


Spotify have plenty of dealings with record companies. Whether you'd call
them secret or not I don't know. Click to open the Attachment below, if interested to know more..

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Spotify. I just think they've made a
REALLY big mistake with the new User Interface.


I take it the new layout is staying? Well **bleep**, has anyone explored other apps and had any luck finding new ones?


So many rivals to choose from, not decided which one yet. Thinking long term.
Don't want to spend years building a new library only to have to start yet
again. Think there is now an app that will copy your existing library over to another Service though.


Google Streaming is in top place at the moment. Alphabetical Artists on their 2 current Tariffs and Better sound quality launching with their new 3rd Tariff, due by Autumn 2019.

Don't think Spotify will return to the better UI. They have taken on some
new 'Creatives' and have given them freedom to do what they want, from what I've read online.

Plus The Head of Spotify, Daniel, has announced on LinkedIn they now want to be a "Media company not just a Music company".

Seems they are now loking to take on YouTube and all the Podcast companies!

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