New update complaints (long time user)


New update complaints (long time user)

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 I don't need assistance, but I have some thoughts on the new update... As a long time user, I feel disheartened by the changes.  Two of the biggest issues I have are as follows:


-Under the playlists tab, folders are now gone.  Playlists appear in the order of the playlists in the folders, however, this is still a terrible change.   As someone with over 100+ playlists, it now takes forever to find the one I am looking for.  What once took 3 seconds now takes 30.  While the update may look better, it makes the app a pain to use.  


-The social aspect is removed.  We can no longer see our profiles or the profiles of others.  One of my favorite parts of using Spotify is seeing what playlists are made by people I follow, especially when they have similar tastes and introduce me to new music.  Even by searching for a username, we can no longer access other people's profiles to see their playlists.  


Overall I have been VERY satisfied with Spotify over the course of my use of its services, however, the new update is infuriating and very dissatisfactory.



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Hey @andrew_menet,


Spotify has reimagined and redesigned the app (for free users) on mobile. If you previously used Spotify Free on mobile (or Spotify Premium), your app might now look and function a little differently.


According to their Help site, Spotify are currently exploring different social options for the free, ad-supported service on mobile. Right now, the ability to search for and follow your friends is unavailable. Hopefully, Spotify will have more information about this soon.

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I agree with you.  I have music by genres, and then by artists, and then by level, (their top songs, versus all the songs I like), plus compilations for mood, audience (clean versions for the kids), and all based on folders and subfolders, just as one would have in a PC or on a Mac.  Now, I have to find by searching by artist name, go to playlists, and hope that the version of Prince, or Johnny Cash, or Aerosmith, or Robin Williams, is the one I created.  Since they no longer even show the playlist owner, it makes it even tougher.  I am going to have to go through ALL of my playlists, and give them prefixes, (like CRT for Classic Rock Top), just so I can find the one I want. And I did all this after they removed the starred songs feature in the old system, so it means a ton of tedious renamings to get around the loss of features.  Sad to see I am not alone in this, but consider unique naming to get around their latest change.