New version 1.x is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)


Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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I am with you - long time user and I will drop too. What a disater

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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Some of the Rock Stars where discussing this earlier in our chat and we have seen a number of the issues discussed here (on that note, we have also passed this topic over to the Spotify guys to make sure it reaches the devs).

For many this will be a given thing, but it is worth a) Rebooting your device by holding the home and lock buttons together until the Apple logo appears on screen and/or b) Reinstalling the Spotify app to see if that makes any difference (some reports say yes, some say no).

Just so we can get a quick summary of devices etc this is affecting, if you could let us know:
- What device you are having issues on (including Model eg. iPhone 4S or iPad Touch gen 4 etc)
- What version of iOS you are using
- Your Spotify version

We appreciate this is an annoying issue which hinders how nice the new redesigned app could be, so we will make sure all feedback gets passed over to the Spotify guys.

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Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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Hi Peter, just to be usefull to the comunity.

(as I told I already canceled my subscription (I was premium form 02/2013) and chose another provider, for this issue but also tired to hear from Spotify just promises about new functions and issues solved).


Device 1:


Iphone 4. IOS7.0.4



IPOD 4g IOS 6.1.2


Spotify version: in Both

In both I tried everithing possible:


  1. uninstal the app
  2. clear the safari cache
  3. hard reset the device
  4. reinstal the app.
  5. clean the complete list of playlist
  6. clean the complete list of offline devices form my account

everithing usless, the app is unusable and after few minutes close by himself.



Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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Unisintalled the app, rebooted the phone, reinstalled and everything appears fine now in terms of bluetooth performance on the Iphone 4, with IOS 7.01


Going to updated to IOS 7.0.4 to see if this causes any issues. 


Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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iPhone 4S 64GB iOS 7.1 (11D167)


Resetting, reinstalling Spotify or even factory defaulting the phone does not help a bit.. it is still unusable.. this is not acceptable..


Spotify is all about enjoying music, not looking at fancy graphics that slows your phone!

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)




Long time user here and I must say I have been very disappointed to latest version of Spotify for my 16GB Iphone 5S (latest 7.1 version). It really took a leap backwards. It kinda looks nice but usability is abysmal. Did you even test it properly?!?


I've tried all the tricks now and I've come to the point where I cant blame anything else but bad programming. Sort it out ASAP


-Slow, Freezing and unresponsiveness (In almost every possible way)

-I cant queue most tracks in offline lists (Track(s) not available)


-Small buttons for shuffle play in player mode


Im definately not renewing my premium with this version!

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)


Hello everyone!

Its very upsetting to the the reinstall trick didnt work for everyone 😞 I went through the proceedure of reinstalling today and it solved the slow interface for me, but as per this thread, it seems it doesnt solve the issue for everyone. I believe deeper down this is something with Spotify and the app itself, obviously affecting different users in different ways.


Fingers crossed, a permanant fix arises soon. I feel for the people experiencing these problems still.


Edit: There is another thread I am included in now where the subject is of the same issue. User nitrous_ has reported after attempting the re-install trick yesterday, there was no change to the performance issues he experienced. However, after my post today in the thread started by nitrous_ he had attempted the fix again and reported that Spotify does run better! nitrous_ suggested the idea a possible background iOS update had taken place between yesterday and today.

This seems like a very big issue for iOS users with Spotify, so it would suprise me if it has gone un-noticed by them. 


Hopefully this helps!

Kind Regards

Lee Clutterbuck

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)


Also, please fix the problem with local track display.  The tracks in the command center only change for spotify-based music.

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

So I just got your music activated on my account today and everything now works perfect... Anyone else have a similar experience? Not that my device was ever bad just laggy on lock screen still not displaying local files on it tho but no lag issues

Re: Version is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

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I've been testing things out for a few days since the new upgrade. It looks great (although it took forever to develop an interface for iOS7 when it seems that other apps were able to do this a few weeks to months after the innitial change), but I'm experiencing problems similar to what has already been listed here.  


I use spotify mostly in my car (which is the ONLY reason I pay for premium) and my iphone is connect to the car stereo from the USB. The lag time I experience isn't quite 5 seconds, but it's enough to be annoying (1-3 seconds). I also experience periodic scrolling through the songs in my playlist. This happens pretty randomly and I can't seem to pinpoint what causes it at the moment. 


I almost always scroll through songs using the swipe function (and up until now it was one of my favorite aspects of spotify) but now this function is almost unusable.


Admitedly, I haven't updated to the newest iOS software so I'm hoping that this may help. Either way, I don't expect spotify to fix this issue anytime soon considering how long it took to fix the car stereo issue 😕