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Newly added songs in a playlist don’t play in a group session

Newly added songs in a playlist don’t play in a group session






iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.4


My Question or Issue

A slightly obscure one… The scenario:


  • I have a playlist which I’ve made public, and a friend of mine has followed
  • I enter a group session with that same friend, joining his iPad (so it’s playing the music)
  • I play my shared playlist — BUT, any new songs that I’ve recently added to it don’t play at all, Spotify simply skips these and instead starts playing from the next song in the queue that was on the playlist the last time he played it


To fix this, all I have to do is grab his iPad and click the first/newest song in the playlist and then it plays as expected (same one I couldn’t play from my device). It seems there’s some weird caching going on…


I know group sessions are in beta so this is an FYI. I’ve already ensured both apps are up to date (iOS and Spotify app). I’ve already done a clean reinstall to no avail.

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Hi again @user-removed,


Thanks for reaching out.


We've tested this on our end and the recently added songs of a playlist could be played without trouble by one of the members of the session (not only the host).


Just to confirm, did you already check doing that the other way around (you being the host and playing the music from your own device)? Also, ask your friend to start the group session from a different device to see if there's any difference.


Keep us posted.

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