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Nike Run Club Spotify Playlist Issues

Nike Run Club Spotify Playlist Issues


Plan - Premium

Country - Australia


Device Iphone X


The nike run club app allows me to connect my Spotify account and listen to my playlists while I run. 2 days ago it stopped allowing me to select the playlist.


I have attached a video of this happening. -




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I've had the exact same issue the last few weeks. Have you figured out a fix?

Not yet, I have tried everything, rest phone, re install app, disconnect
and reconnect to spotify but no luck.

Hi, you have exactly the same problem on an old iPhone 5 that I use for running I have (thanks for the video clip) Everything was working well til a few weeks ago. 😞 Either Spotify or Nike need to sort this out! I've been in contact with Nike and given them all the details of the problem, they said it was a 'known error' and they're trying to resolve it, what ever that means! I'll wait for a response.....

Thanks for the reply, at this point in time I have to use my apple watch to
track distance and use iphone for music independently! Let's hope they sort
it asap.

I’m having the exact same issue. 


Reported it it to nike and Spotify. No responses. 

Oh wow, it took me forever and a day to find this thread.


No solutions for anyone else? I'm on an iphone 7 and I have the exact same issue with playlists. I uninstalled Spotify and NRC and then re-installed them hoping that might fix the issue. No such luck. This started about a week or two ago.


I see the same thing that the video shows. NRC shows the playlists as having 0 followers, perhaps that is related to this issue somehow? Anyway, once you select a playlist it briefly shows that list with 0 songs and then bounces back to the selection screen.

I’m having the same issue as well. I tried restarting the phone. I  reinstalled Nike run club without any success.

I've had a similar issue for the last few weeks - Can't play music from Spotify through Nike run app.  Tried everything from restarting iPhone XS to reinstalling both apps still no solution and after hours of researching the web and message boards seems like there isn't a definitive or permanent fix!


I am very surprised that Nike and Spotify have not yet come up with a fix for this - It's actually very disappointing. Been using the app for 6 years but maybe its time to switch? Anyways if anyone finds a solution it would be greatly appreciated if it is shared before...

Thanks, l agree this is something Nike and Spotify need to sort out 😟

Hey Guys,


It is fixed now, I can select playlists from Spotify.




Thanks for reaching out and connecting here.

Hi to everyone with this problem. Yes it would seem that Nike have eventually listened and updated to 5.23 which when you re download the app has fixed it for me as well! .

Response from Nike:

Hi Peter,
 I hope you are doing well. I am contacting you back regarding the issue you have recently reported.
 According to our technicians the issue encountered should be resolved with the new app version 5.23. Therefore they would like to ask you to update the app, reboot your phone and check if the issue is resolved.
 If you need further assistance or have any additional question please don't hesitate to let me know. I will be more than happy to assist.
 Kind regards,
Nike app & device Support

Same thing happend to me. I accidentally made things worse by revoking the NRC App's API access to Spotify via Settings.

Now - I can't even select playlists in NRC. Just see a perpetual loading icon in the Spotify button.

Hi everyone,


Had this issue for a while. I fixed it once by reinstalling the NRC app and on another occasion I fixed it by going to NRC settings, removing spotify connection and connecting again.


Good luck

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