No Playlists. My account is blank


No Playlists. My account is blank


I got a new IPhone 5c and I downloaded Spotify and linked it to my Facebook account. Although all my playlists and songs are still on my computer but on my phone it is as if my account is new. And yes I did use the same facebook account... Please help. 

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Re: No Playlists. My account is blank


I have a suspicion you are experiencing something every once in a while, where two accounts are unintentionally made to the linkage with facebook. Try going to this post to see if it helps. If it doesn't help, you can always try the online contact form, or at the twitter page; @SpotifyCares.



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Re: No Playlists. My account is blank

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I think your account on your computer and the one on your phone is different. Can you try checking your profile on your computer and see whether it telly to the one on your mobile device.

Facebook signups sometimes create separate accounts. So you might have to try to sign in with your spotify ID instead
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