No longer able to shuffle play through all songs

No longer able to shuffle play through all songs



Country New Zealand



(iPhone 6)

Operating System

(iOS 12.3.1)


My Question or Issue

My Spotify app recently updated and the UI has been changed.

I used to have an option to go to 'Songs', which included all songs saved to the library- including songs that were saved due to a whole album being saved. I would then be able to choose 'Shuffle' and play through randomly all the songs I have saved.


The new UI no longer gives the option to go to 'Songs' and shuffle play.

Is there actually a way to do this with the new UI?


I have already seen a solution offered by moderators that the 'Liked songs' playlist can be shuffled. However this isn't an equivalent. Only a small portion of songs saved into my library have been 'liked', and it would take an endless amount of time to go through and 'like' them, especially as there is no other way to 'like' a song than to start playing it. That means individually selecting songs, checking that they're liked and then changing it. 


Can I revert to the old UI?

Do Spotify have plans to return this feature?

Am seriously considering saving myself some money and cancelling my premium subscription. 


Much appreciated for your help,



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