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No songs will play when searched for in 'Liked Songs"

No songs will play when searched for in 'Liked Songs"




United Kingdom


iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 13.4.1


My Question or Issue

This has been an issue for a long time now; when I search for a song in my liked songs, none of the displayed results play when tapping them so I then have to go on to the main app search function and find the song on there (usually by having to type in the whole song name and artist name before finding the right one) to play it rather than just a few letters on my liked songs, not the biggest issue but it's getting annoying now.

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Everything’s playing for me in search for Liked Songs.

So I’ve just had a closer look at the problem and it’s actually happening specifically when using the iPhone as a remote to choose songs while listening on Spotify for PlayStation 4, thanks for checking yourself

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