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Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

Non Facebook friends missing on iPhone5

I just updated the spotify app on my iPhone 5 and all of my friends who do not have Facebook have disappeared from my friends list. I can't find them to share music with them... Will you guys be sending another update soon to resolve this issue? Thanks


it has been over a year and a half, someone marked this as solved.. this is definitely not solved. is this even being worked on???

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@Supasonic I moved your post to the relevant thread. We're still waiting for news from Spotify.

I'm a premium user and run IOS 6 and 7 on iphone 4s

Having this issue on 2 accounts (wife and mine). We don't use Facebook and don't intend to start, ever.

The only reason we're on Spotify is because it was easy to share songs between ourselves. Does anyone know if the other major music streaming services do it well?

Been putting up with Facebook supremacists long enough...

As a workaround, download the Spotify iOS 4.0 app, which still sees the non-facebook friends.  Sucks, but at least you have the option of sharing.  I'm hoping this is fixed in the next update - at least we know that Spotify is aware of the issue.


Yet another update for spotify and again they've failed to fix this basic glaring bug. Still we have a useless app with no ability to share music... A fundamental function surely? Absolutely pathetic. I don't believe this will ever be fixed nor do I believe the BS above about spotify being aware/working on it etc. they don't care, they want you to pimp their services through your FB or have some vested interest in the company... Shame on you spotify!

Thanks to chrislemasters for the workaround. The 3 year old version designed for aged out of production iPhones does still have a friends list and is far more functional than the current one... That's progress for you isn't it!

Listen up Spotify, as much as you want me to log in via my facebook account, it's simply not happening.  I'm sorry.


So either listen to your userbase and fix the share feature or find yourselves losing a lot of subscribers.


It's incredible the lengths you guys are going to to drive away your customers.

Hello everyone. Spotify here. We're sorry for any pain this may be causing. 


We're aware of the issue of being unable to share to non-Facebook friends in the iOS app and we're working on a fix. The issue is caused by Follow still being in the process of rolling out on mobile. 


You should be able to share to non-Facebook friends on Desktop and Web Player while we work on fixing this for mobile. We expect the rollout to take some time but we'll be sure to post here as soon as we have an update. 

I downloaded Spotify iOS 4.0 and not even there I get to share with spotify friends. I don't and won't connect it with Facebook either. It has gone quite a long time since this issue started and the time you're taking to solve is unacceptabel.

Another update and I'm still not able to share music with anyone... So bored of banging on about this... Still no sign of "follow" the friends tab has now gone... Well done! 5 updates to achieve that?! To think I had hopes spotify one day enabling something useful like spotify apps... As if? They can't even get the basic functions to work.

Same problem here, and all my friends as well. Really waiting for that fix...

Missing friends on my Android and my iPad as well. I miss my friends...


I can still share from the desktop client though, but I mostly play from the other devices so I'd rather have it the other way around. Not working on the desktop.

but WHEN????

This situation lasts for months and months!

What's the problem? why don't you fix it faster?




Another update today and still nothing. What is your action plan ? Do you even have one ? What's the status on this ? At least you could have the decency ti update your clients.

Same problem here...


I'm using Spotify on iphone 5, iOS 6.x.x and I can not share playlists with my followers, regardless if they have linked Facebook Accounts or not. I am using a spotify Account (I don't use FB)


It's nice to see Spotify moderators react and notice the issue, but it's taking far too long for a core feature like that to be fixed and the lack of an ETA is disapointing.


Premium subscription was supposed to enhence the mobile experience, but so far it feels like a hinderance - I can share playlists with friends on a free account on PC, but going Premium and using mobile removes the feature? I'm paying for Spotify, NOT Facebook and expect full functionality of the service I am subscribing to... 


Are there any news on the progress towards the fix, or is it still on a to-do list in a maze somewher?





Spotify very rarely comment on upcoming features or release dates, beyond what is public what is "coming" is almost always a mystery.

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for your insight. I actually didn't know that about the updates. Although, considering this pretty much seems to be a bug or unexpected hick up, it doesn't seem like it should be treated like an update feature. It should be, in my opinion, made public to the users who "suffer" from this nuisance if there's progresss/eta. We can't just accept that we pay and no info is provided when the product we pay for doesn't work properly.

Best regards

Up and coming features? This is a basic function that doesn't work anymore. They should tell me when they are going to fix the service I pay for surely.

This has been an ongoing problem which is really, really annoying to say the least. Not being able to share music to people on Spotify? What's this nonsense? Sorry, but Google Music is really getting more interesting. At least they won't keep bugs like this in their apps with lots of loose promises. /end rant

Still not fixed with latest update. I'm just gonna keep going on about this until it's fixed which may be forever by the looks. What's the piss poor excuse this time spotify mods?

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