Not all tracks in a playlist flagged for Offline Mode are downloaded


Not all tracks in a playlist flagged for Offline Mode are downloaded

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Hey all,



So I've got this issue where I've created playlists and marked a few of them for offline mode so I could listen to them on the go without going over my [unreasonably expensive canadian] cell phone data plan limit.


It seems, however, that maybe half the tracks on any given playlist do not download, or, at least, they aren't marked as such on the playlist. I've included a screen cap of my phone to show how it looks like.


I have tried deleting the app and downloading it again, but it hasn't made a difference as to which tracks download and which don't.


It used to download all tracks just fine, but since perhaps a month or two ago, I had this problem. I know we can have about 3000 downloaded tracks on a device, but really the number I have on this phone is only a few hundreds. Also, it is the only device I have offline playlists on. The other device I use with my account is my PC, which streams everything.


I'm guessing others have had, or are having the same issue, but I was not able to find a topic on this...


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Create playlist

2. Turn Available offline ON on iPhone


What I expected to happen

All tracks on the playlist are downloaded to the phone and show the green arrow icon to confirm


What actually happened

Not all tracks have that icon. When running in offline mode, playlist will stall every time such a track comes up. Those tracks are always the same every time I delete and redo a playlist, or remove and add the app again.


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5C 16 GB, 3.8 GB available space


Device’s Operating System



Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?



My mobile Spotify version


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable)


My provider and country

Virgin Mobile, Canada


My username



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This keeps happening to me as well. Tried loading Florence + The Machine's new album onto an existing playlist and it kept failing to sync offline. Have then tried marking the entire playlist as offline a few times now, and it's got so far down (maybe about 8/9 songs) before stopping again. The song it usually stops on hasn't got the little circle/arrow symbol underneath it, but the ones before and after do. The album has synced as normal on my laptop/iPhone 5, but isn't on my iPhone 3G. Getting a bit bored of switching things on and off now.

I've since re-installed the app and tried syncing my playlists for offline use. Managed to get about 90% of the way down before this happened again. Could someone please give us the courtesy of a reply ?

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Hey Cumberbell,


I tried something I saw in another topic and it worked!


Basically, I removed the app on my phone, then closed Spotify on my PC. I reinstalled the app on my phone, and marked the playlists I wanted to be available offline, and all the tracks downloaded normally! Only then did I opened Spotify on my PC again.


I'm not sure why I needed to do that, but give it a try, maybe it'll work out for you?

Hi, I've tried logging in and out again on my PC (without deleting the app again) and that seemed to work for a very exciting 2 minutes indeed. It's synced about another 10 songs, but only very sporadically throughout the day. ALL my PC playslists have marked themselves offline as well 😞

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Hi @Cumberbell, despite the songs not being marked as offline, can you switch the app to offline and confirm if the unmarked songs are grayed out and unplayable?

I know that a lot of my offline songs don't always have the green arrow, yet they are still actually saved offline.

Hi, I've tried switching the wifi off on my device and the non offline playlists are unplayable. Initially, it was just a few of the songs (one 50 song list got 47 down before giving up), but the entire list won't even start now.

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what do you mean anyway by "very sporadically throughout the day" How many tracks are you trying try download?

Sometimes I'll open the app and it'll start syncing the songs, and on other times it just sits there and does nothing. I'm trying quite a few - 8 on one list, 90 odd on another and 50 on the last one. I thought it was just my old 3G phone (my iPhone 5 has whizzed through it no problem), but my laptop needed re-syncing as well.