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Not playing full playlist before repeating songs

Not playing full playlist before repeating songs




New Zealand


iPhone 13

Operating System

iOS 15.6


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My playlist isn’t doing a full round before repeating songs. And it is sometimes really often (like 10-20 songs) 

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Hi there @Themitch03,


Thanks for the post.


Can you give us a bit more info about your issue?

- Is this happening to one specific playlist, or every playlist.

- Are you playing the playlist in shuffle?

- Do you mean that you get previously heard songs after every 20 songs, or you're getting the same 10-20 songs looped all the time.


Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi, I’m not sure if it’s happening in other playlists as I only listen to one, I always have it on shuffle. I am getting previously played songs pop back up every 10-20 songs in my 650 song playlist 

Hey @Themitch03,


Thanks for getting back to us.


We can confirm that in large playlists the shuffle option prioritizes the songs that Spotify perceives you listen to most, that's why some songs can come up repeatedly. However, there's this live idea about this topic.  You can add your vote by clicking on the Thumbs up icon, if you'd like to have this option in the future. The Idea Exchange is a great way for us to see what our users are interested in and how many people like a certain idea. 


Check out this Spotify Answer to learn more about it. 


If you need a hand with anything else, the Community is here for you.

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